Friday, 25 April 2014

Short History of Inteligence and Secrecy

The great value of a good reconnaissance and intelligence or a news network started to become well known world wide. All the best emperors had very good intelligence and also a very good training for assassins (killers, or soldiers if you like).
For example the Rothschild family had great success in fooling the market in England by telling a lie about Napoleon's winner battle. The fools started to sell all their valuable properties for cheap. And a bit later when the real news arrived to London they could do nothing. So Rothschild family could fool the masses by having a faster news service than anyone else and by using it to mislead others. This is a classic move of a financial war.
Through the world wars the value of good intelligence meant saved lives and won battles, conquered territories. People in the army developed the technology and the methods of recon and interception, code-braking, code-writing, they researched the human brain, body, and mind. Not only Hitler was the lone crazy killer who given order to human experimentation. It was done by USA, UK, French, Russian and other nationalities also. Hitler has the most detailed history of it.
So the system of national defence and intelligence started to become more and more compartmentalised and more complex. As every nation tried to reconnoitre what the other one wants to do and tried to be the first to make a move to get advantages over the other one - the system started to develop in the field of spying. The intelligence agencies become targeted to infiltration. People in these services become double and triple agents. Above some intelligence level the members of this spy world got uninterested being loyal to any nation, they lost that kind of feeling or bond. they become mercenaries. This process happened with the killers too. Because of the secrecy sometimes they did not even know who is giving the order to them. After time, when the Circus was formed, one nations secret service asked an other nations service to kill, neutralise or do other jobs on their land if they did not wanted to do it themselves or the service members wouldn't do it for some patriotic reason.
These facts turned the whole system a soulless machine in the hand of those who financed it. Those people become rulers for the highly trained assassin teams who decided about what they going to develop or defend or attack. Gradually this process called for a global institutionalised body to have some legal ground and become popular. human life become cheap.
Today if there is anybody thingkin' of some more human or balanced life form on this planet from these intelligence communities - than there is one thing what has to consider:
We need a world wide effort against a world wide enemy. And the enemy is everyone who blinded by greed or obsessed with money and power. The simple everyday people know what I mean.
We cannot take more of the nature than what is necessary without having trouble a bit later. And the bill is due shortly.
Today there are two type of people (yes a draw a boundary here): those who can live without war and those who try to do everything to steal, conquer, enslave others and ruthlessly loot nature just because they can.
These first kind will not stop these second kind, than the human race will finish its presence in the universe.
The technology and the methods are so developed that the WW III is not possible to survive. We made it sure as developers to not have that happen. Why? Because we are fed up with war. And we had no power to make the decision makers to not have it so we had to force them. We pulled them on the chessboard so now they have to think many times before they start a world war. Cause they will burn their ass too. Well this is something what they are afraid of... They like to watch as others slaughter each other but to be slaughtered... that's not something they want to do.
Therefore they decided to make small local wars like Lybia, Syria and so on. Now this newborn international community of ordinary people have to work how to trick them to not have even these small wars. We have to force them. We know who they are. They own the big money. They are the real enemy however smooth their talk is.
We have to explain and educate everyone to understand how money is created based on deception and fraud, we have to make them understand the human psyche, we have to make them aware of telepathy how it can be learnt by anyone (on different levels, such as football or tennis), and how it is the base of human power (attraction, influence) and how does it count in decision making. How we decide over something? How we agree on something? What gives the power to some group of people to rule others?
these are the main questions to teach and to learn about. How to live life without having ourselves and the environment being destroyed.
Well the old leaders proved they don't want to go on this road.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chicken - Jaco Pastorius - 1982

In memoriam Jaco Pastorius.
Dear Jaco. You've been just as me straight, responsible, open, curious and you could not shut your mouth up. When we first met I loved you. You where the first person in my life who understood what does it mean to be with wiped off memory. I struggled same as you and you understood me.
Unfortunatelly at that time automatism worked in the system. What Byrd told that had to be. He told you to shut up. You couldn't. He wiped your memory. You woke up and remembered again and tried to tell the others what is going on. Same as me. You've been killed to shut up and keep the dirty secrets of Byrd and the Circus in the dark. Byrd didn't waste such quality thinkers like you but you haven't been trained how to fight well.
And you helped me. We started to use backlinks, memory reminders for each other. One of these was Chicken:

It reminded me about a band whcich was called together by me in Hungary called CPG (Come on Punk Group - also backlink to Jaco's song "Come on Come over") and one party when I demonstrated the power of blood used to alter the human subconsiuosness in a set frame (concert). A chiken was slaughtered on that concert. Güzü remembers this event (hungarian).

Güzü remembering to the "chicken" party in Budapest in Squere Kozák:

Mind Set - Mind Frame - Mind Controll - Terminological approach

What is a mind frame or mind set? Why is it so important today?
Terminological approach.
The PsyOp (psychological operations) army teams can covertly manipulate what individuals and masses think of a particular question or they can set a general attitude in these targets through a longer period of time.
This kind of warfare is not new but today it is much more developed then before both in technologies being used and through methods. Telepathic means, microwave and other wave-technologies are employed to indicate audio, visual signals inside the brain even imitating body feelings in a complex personalised pattern to change and channel the inside flow of the thoughts of an individual. The phenomena of influence is well researched and the most influential individuals filtered to be early preset to become well drivable when let into real social power positions. This process of searching, filtering, planning, presetting, and employing is done by humans. Those who are able to do such tasks have special skills and cannot be replaced by anyone. Usually they have special sensitivity to others reactions, feelings, thoughts. They thinking process is boosted by speeding up the thought process, it is done in early childhood by teaching letter, than word recognition then gradually whole lines then pages remembrance and understanding. It is basically speed-reading and analysis using language frame set. (Military uses other frame sets too such as math, for ballistic calculation.)
Regarding to these circumstances the attack arsenal for mind invasion and control is highly advanced. The main question is: How can we get protection against mind manipulation and control?
You see? This is the main goal why I personally participated in developing these invasive and controlling knowledge databases and methods and technologies, to lead everyone to the only solution for this problem: spiritual awareness and deeper (or higher) consciousness of inside processes and individual and collective principles on we build our presence on this planet. One gate is open only.
So what is a mind frame or mindset? I would use both notion as synonyms with a slight difference. Mind set last shorter then a mind frame. So what are they?
Human starts his/her life as embryos in a woman's uterus (in most happy cases). After birth we start to LEARN and EXPLORE the outside and the inside world. This is a process which will contain all the events to SET our KNOWLEDGE about the world outside and inside. So we are talking about EVENTS and the EFFECTS of those events on us and the process of REMEMBERING and PROCESSING the long term knowledge gained from these events.
BOUNDARIES are the first experiences of birth. We become separated from our mother. This is shocking but later we learn, in lucky cases, that is OK and we can get food and safety on the outside. Or in the worst case we learn that it would have been better to never come to this world. That is an other path. Right at the beginning of our life we have the paths guarded by our environment and events. These events and personal representation of them influence our knowledge. This collected KNOWLEDGE about the world contains the possibilities and the limits to our actions. It can be changed by thinking and by getting through other experiences. We develop thinking chains or using an expression from computer world: we build up programs. These "programs" are complex knowledge and thought patterns combined with routine action (practised and many times repeated actions).
Examples of mind frames: religious dogmas and routines, being a scientist etc.
All religious dogmas are there to build up a frame system which does not allow the trapped individual to question anything what would lead out of that frame system. Basically these frame systems limit the misled individual not to explore certain areas of nature and definitely not to think of power. All of these frame systems are developed to limit your thinking process about nature and the events of the outside and inside world.
Also being a scientist limits our thinking process by implementing specific routine processes and also hidden dogmas again to get us not to question certain things or in this area rather to not get any evidence about some phenomenas.
These frame systems help us to deal with the events in our life and also they give a limit to our thinking. So as everything they have advantages and disadvantages.
The mindset which is too static will break if meets an experience which is outside of it. This is the reason why it is possible to kill someone through a well planned a PsyOp action.
The mindset which is too flexible will get us into extremities and detours. This kind of mind frame takes us into wherever the outside circumstances determine. Naturally it is not possible to survive without a completely flexible mindset, therefore it does not exist - individuals are dead who could display such mindset.
So the best mindset is flexible and has a static based on the principles which let's us to live in harmony with the outside and inside world.
The mind control is basically the manipulation and control of the process of forming a mind frame or mind set.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Memory - False Memory

As anybody can forget things as forgetting memories can be induced too. They did research how the process of forgetting happens. They learnt to reproduct this process, how to trigger, how to specify what to forget they become very sufficient with it. (Who are they? Ohh Yes they are the doctors and psychologist, psychiaters of MK.ULTRA human experimentation worldwide - not only the CIA was interested and not only americans participated).
But these guys made a big mistake. They has a mind set wich was materialistic and they did not concider the wider property of memory, wich they even today want to keep in secret, as the memory does not belong only to the brain.
Memory is a much more complex thing than some neuronchains building up in your brain. It does belong to the brain but not only there. Our muscle has its own memory, wich is basicly connected to the brain also but the muscle has its own memory as the long term hevy load of excercise builds up the muscle and develops it's durability, strength, flexibility, dexterity. These things cannot be manipulated through manipulating only the brain. Of course the feeling of body memories can be manipulated, but these not that easy.
Let's go back to building up false memories. As forgetting happen in nature, false remembering happens naturally too. And so this process can be researched and induced, triggered, and controlled, to some limited extent. The process of remembering is more complex than only brain funtion. Memory builds up of brain function (some neuron chains build up remembering specific memories), body-memory (wich is related to other parts of your body such as muscle), the collective memory of communities, the outside environment's memory traces, and other sub or upper consciousness related individual and collective sourses of remembrance.
This component of the memory process can not be perfectly faked and controlled. There is always some traces of clearly recognizable pettern to artifitially induced memory loss and false memory. False memory much easier to recognize because all the body-memory, and the rest of the memory-compley is missing. Memory is so comlex that it cannot be faked even today perfectly. If you start to work with false memory you will realize that the false memory trace is sort and many things are missing from it.
On the field of intelligence I have personally experienced how these false and real memory traces can be differenciated, however hard it is, it can be done - even if sometimes the individual with memory loss has to use the logical skills to examine the traces.
The phenomena of memory gets more complex if you start thinking about telephaty and mind reading skills. And I have to specify what I mean when I say mind reading. Mind reading can mean: reading consious audio-lenguage related thought process, visual thought process, body feelings (this is the scientificly proved and world-wide denied phonemena of emphaty, when someone can feel the otherone's feelings), audio senses and so on. All of these reading can happen because of the human psyche is connected to each other, this is the phonomena what Bernard Bernay referred as public mind (collective consciuosness) and what Carl. G. Jung called the collective subconsciuosness.
So false memory can be triggered and built up to some extent but cannot be built up same as the natural memory is built up - because of the very nature of memory, as it does not only relates to the brain and not only to the individum's body at all. Luckily no human is able to do that and no human will be.
This phenomena (memory) is not located or tied to only bodyparts such as the brain. This is the luck wich makes impossible to delet memories forever and to controll someones mind for long extent. The pcyche whants to be whole and remember everything and this process together with the first rule of universe: as life lives and want to live - we could prove that the controll wont last forever, it is not part of the natural state of the universe.
We developed a nano-laser technology to help memory eresure which basicly burns out some parts of your brain (it is brutal, but it was neccessery that time). Based on the fact that the remembering process does relate to the brain and some localizable neuron chains build up related to specific memorie, we developed technology to burn out 1, 2 or 3 burning point deleting process related to the level of importance of the memory. We had to limit the size of the burned area of the brain becuse it's literally a demageto your brain. However we could limit the demage even smaller than a long night out drinking, which causes brain damage also as alcohol does the same process to your brain (think of blackouts). We modelled this blackout rocess and learnt to locate the memory traces. If the memory had to be kept away for longer period we used 3 point burn, if it was less important we used hypnotic means (can be quite easily recovered) or 1 point burn.
According to my own recovery of many memories - the above statemants about the outside of body memories are proved. (Other examples of outside of body memory is a photograph, or computer memory. But these are obvious.)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"One ring above them all, One ring to rule them all."

The "Circus" was the "ring" above them all - meaning all the intelligence and secret services around the planet Earth. The members of the this group can be found in the painted pictures of Bush Jr. All of them is a member of the "Circus" but not all members are painted. Qaddafi was a member of the "Circus". So YES they kill each other too if they can. And yes they do cooperate with each other, they do plan for long term and they do business. This kind of double thinking and talking and acting is general. They will NEVER stop doing what they are: gain more power and money by whatever means...
Bush painted them because he decided so, it was part of his recovery program what he had to follow voluntarily (other question how many times he went back on insane wrongdoing). I gave him the freedom of choice on that. But he wanted to keep it secret so that's why the hacking happened (no worries the guy who did it was overconfident, he believed that no one can catch him, I warned him I trained them, but he resisted. There is a price for being overconfident. And the paintings had to become public. Inside painting probe...
All the searching and listening and eavesdropping technologies over phone, internet, and other telecommunications have security holes, or backdoors just like the Microsoft Windows has and those very well planned holes have their well fitting tools for interception. It is like puzzle. If you examine the system you will not find the "bugs" you will not find any listening or fishy kind stuff but if you have the missing peace you can turn any device or operation system into a spy machine. This strategy was developed because the manipulators had to hide under more deeper cover. Through this system of world mass surveillance they can operate in the dark worldwide - but also this advantage of cover for them gives us the possibility to use the very same system against them. We, who have not much to hide, we can turn this mass surveillance system against them. We can listen to their deeds and go public. We can also use their own servants to publish what we found in the dark.
If we work hard and keep up the tempo with them, they will kill each other and uncover the real puppet monsters. The real puppet monsters are the owners who own the banks, money, property and so on. We have to deal with them even if we work for them right now - time is coming when everybody has to decide what side to take and get the result of it.
So The "Circus" is basically an international mafia with access to all the highest technologies and methods. And I mean those things what about even the visible formal army's intelligence is just probably heard some rumours. But these technologies and methods where developed by the "penguins" (Madagascar cartoon) simple guys like me and smart ones working for the Circus as developers and/or analysts.
There are many ways to beat this kind of structure but all of "us" have to be deeply conscious about what we are heading toward and what we believing. We don't need to plan too much because most of us believe in freedom and respecting each other and the environment around the thing will find their right place. But here is a lot to do and there is always something to do.
As every human with better understanding about the others, like a parent to his, her child, we have to take care and to draw boundaries for the wrongdoers. Even if they are powerful. There is no much of choice, to do that, most of you already leaned that. Force is the only way unfortunately. Sometimes even force is not enough - then there is no choice. If they do not leave other choice - we have to do what we must do.
They always will play along the "panem at circensis" principle and will divide people by real boundaries (gender, language, nationality, etc) because to make war you need minimum two sides to fight each other.
Yes. There are boundaries between us. But these have advantages just as can divide us. Clearly visible how the Circus works id you examine what is going on Ukraine right now. The people living that area are the football when the big Boys upstairs play the soccer with them. Who gets the big money? Always that is the question. Follow the money trail. but to oversee the money trail we have to see the money moving and that's belong to banks. They will never tell people what is really going on. Why? Guess why.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lista-lista tudod melyik

Németh Lászlóné (lánykori nevén Serényi Zsuzsanna) 1953. július 16-án született Budapesten - Nagy Csaba MFB - Baji Csaba MVM - Tommy Emmanuel - Csányi Sándor - Korzenszky Klára - Szeszák Gyula - Tabajdi Csaba - Chip Tatum - Ikotity István - Bogár László - Boros Imre - Henrik Palmgren - Jancsó Péter -
"Tudod kicsit elegem van már abból amit itt előadtok. Meg lehet nézni mit csináltatok a stratégiából amit összehoztunk. A magyar hagyomány, az eredetkutatás, a nemzeti tudat kitakarítása és sorolhatnám tovább, mind zátonyra futott valahogyan méghozzá a tevékeny részvételetetekkel. Közösen szépen mindent összeszaroztatok olyan szintig hogy innen már csak szétrombolni lehet. Korrigálni nem. Szóval ezt úgy nem tudta volna senki sem emgoldani, hogy ne lett volna mindenki benne. És mindenki benne is volt. Tisztelet annak a nagyon kis számú kivételnek aki legalább megprbált valamit.
Szóval fizetni fogtok keményen. Hozhattok akár egy flottányi katonát akkor is csak aföld lesz velük megtrágyázva."
Mosszad, szarházi a Csányi felkaroltja, Leumi zionista bank - Szintén, MBH szarházi - szintén, szarházi; de egyébként felsorolhatnám az egész kompániát szinte mind oda tartozik, őket golyószóróval kell kitakarítani... - szarházi, összekötő, mossadciamaffia, elemző, irányító, gitárbohóc, robot -szarházi, mossadkgbmaffianbhmaffia - énekes, összekötő, psychic, képes éneklés közben egy másik "beszélgetést" lebonyolítani, mossadciamaffia - kgbmaffianbh - mossadciamaffia - mossadciamaffia, 911 organizer regarding to aviation issues, still works on that side unfortunatelly but he leaks sometimes valuable for common good, anyway an asshole too, he organized the EU pipeline of cocain for a while - lmp képviselő, ciamossadmaffia, okos de eladta magát, psyop elterelést végez - kgbnbhmaffia, pnzügyi gazdasági "tanácsadó" a fosztogatás egyik agya - kgbnbhmaffia, a fosztogatás egyik felügyelője, stratégiájuk: "látod megmondtam, hogy baj lesz ebből" - swéd spyop zsoldos a corporáCIAmossadmaffia oldalán - mossadciakgbmaffia, graboplast -

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the "Circus"

Byrd was the leader of it, under him: jr. Bush, Putin, Blair, Hillary, Merkel, Bernanke, the most smarter ones and so on many others. The hierarchy depended on who could understand what and who had the right skills to cerry out actions and to use the "spacial channels" for communication.
Those who could gain knowledge of how the human psyche work and how to break, manipulate and controll it strated to trick each other by splitting the others mind and building up triggers. As the methodes and the technology developed they got smarter and smarter that's how the hierarchy formed. The better understanding, the more controll you had of your mind and other you got higher. Yes you can call this as freemasonry or secrest society - but useless because all of htem had long history in these activities in alphabet agencies, secret millitary groups, secret religious groups, sects, cults others... Whatever you name it. they had only one in common: the personal ability to understand personal and collective subconsciuos to some extent and the differenc of the dept of their understanding and manipulation skills made up the hierarcy.
The ways how they manipulated collective subconscious mind (collective mind which is a bit shaky motion because there is no open argument and not many people has the experience of it - therefore cannot reach any level of understanding of it also) differed. Some went on woodoo rituals, some masonry rituals, Buddhism rituals some tryed out most of the possible ways (Byrd was one of a kind who tryed every possible ways of it - and he gained the most deeper understanding of it - therefore he gained the most controll of it - he become the leader, he got the strongest power).
But even Byrd was controlled ffrom the outside because there are families with long tradition and knowledge of mind controll who basicly breeded humans and controlled the development and understanding of selected individuals. Byrd was one of them.
Just to mention the Kenneddy family was one of these families. Also the Bush family. And many others from royal bloodlines to millitary and the sicret servises and their families. Not to forget that banking families who's life and wellbeing depended upon keeping secret of their wrongdoing belong to this very much so.
the number 666 is just a reminder of the date 1666 when the first paper money was issued.
So it all was about power and how to gain more and more power.
Byrd at least knew that honest talk is one of the main ingredient of long time power. So he was honest with those who reached the level of recognizing what is a lie and what is not. He had that kind of sensitivity wich made him able to know who is lying to him who is not. So I. That was the point when I came in and when to of this kind meets then big things start to happen.
Most of the leaders of today do not know this is one of the main principles of power: you can lie but if you lie to someone with the power to recognize you are lieing you loose your power. This is the reason why these guys loose their power and those will gain who can be honest. Also the people started to uderstand a bit better their own psyhe because in the race for more and more money and power the rats use the avialable thechnology and methodes more and more extensivly and it causes overuse of them and also activates those channels what they are using to mislead and controll. So people started to see more. Unfortunate that the roght guys who can be statisfied with a simple life with not that much of power and not that much of money (not addicted to controll) - those are not not in the hurry to gain it. So the process had to be given in the hand of those who are eager to gain it: the bad guys. That's why I had to start with the millitary developments. Because they know that controll - force depends on the stronger army.
Now ordinary people started to wake up because their pals and loved ones died. Sorry but YOU guys did not listen to me before so you deserve this. It shouldn't happen if you where about to listen to me.
I am not a controll freak. I know that the most powerful thing is when you let other freely experience and decide. I had to nurture and help the intelligence community to grew up and become adult in terms of gaining understanding of their own psyhe and our collective psyhe which is still denied and kept in secrecy by the powermonger assholes.
That's what it was all about. to make you understand it. But to do that you had to experience what you had to get through. What is the experience of being able to tap into someone else's physical vision, consious thought process, bodyfeelings or else. How it is to experience outside of your body. How id it to use outside of body memory strores to gain your memories back after memory loss (induced from outside). How to store your main goals and how to stick to your main values when your mind, your memory is being manipulated through several technologies and methodes. Ordinary people usually are not interested in these thing until they are not forced to be interested by fear of death of loss of something. That's what makes it painful.
And the other thing why i had to give ununderstanded weaponry in the hands of those who where obsessed with gaining more power is because I had no recourses to finance the development and pay for the guys to make it happen. So I had to make them to develop things which will do the job. I am sorry for those who died because of it. It would never happen id you ordinary people would believe me and would step out of your limited mind framing world views to ask the right question: how is it possible, how could we make ourselves understand, and if you would be willing to do anything to understand.
But these bad guys will stay a bit longer because you still think that you do not need this knowledge to be spred among fellows. Right. You will see that it will become worse and worse.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The circus

These assholes kept all analisyt in mind prisons from childhood. They never payed for developers and analysts. I woke up Trent to the fact that he is kept and pushed on drugs because they can even extract the money what he earns for his music making too. So these assholes skinned everyone to the bone. And this was the weakness what I could use to make them kill each other. I just had to wake them up to the fact and activate their greed. That is the thing what makes them fuck each other up. And they do it...:-)
All the best struggle even today to get enough money for living. but we are coming up now - it is going to be finished. :-)
So I tought Trent how to get his own music businnes to cover his own actions. And he got some freedome to do psy-op manipulation and killings for money as secret job. A mind hacker. He was very efficient. You know the rest.

Madonna & Hillary

They are those in the system who always try to turn people to be interested in same sex. Why? Because being a thelepathic psychic is kind of a sexual feeling when you experience it first and you have no idea what are you going through. To channel this feeling they brainwash them to become gays. That is one reason. Mainly they got a drive base and also make a trigger of shame. shame is strong too. You can recognize their traines. Now they started to worry a bit as they know exactly what I am talking - bloggin - about when I say their own team is going to finish them up...
A the dark and the bright side of the force...
So they where mistaken because they think - still they do - that the dark side of the force is stronger...
Well when it comes to dangerous situations the fear, and the hatred can make you do exorbitant things like jump higher, fight harder and so on. But when it comes to long run - and you stay in these consciousness for longer period it kills you, it eats up your soul and distroyes you. Basicly it takes over your life and freedome to feel, love and be relaxed. So for shorter periods I think everyone has to learn how to tap into the dark side but has to be conscious that longer you stay there the harder it becomes to get back and there is a point of no return! There is a point from where there is no turning back toward love because it looses its meaning and the feelings gone.
The love side of the force is much stronger but needs more practice and probobly it is not that flattery or starry - but on the long run it is the only real power which can help us to survive and to live well. Even the muscles work differently if love is present by someone's deeds.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

CIA-Mosszad-EU és KGB irányító

Végigment a folyosón az Öreg ajtajánál pedig egy szikár exkommandós megállította: 
- "Ne zavard most az Öreget meghagyta, hogy senki ne menjen be hozzá."
No több se kellett, azonnal elszakadt nála a cérna.
- "Mi a faszt képzelsz te patkány? Takarodj el az itamból vagy itt helyben nyuvasztalak meg. Mit képzelsz mi fontosabb annál amit én csinálok?"
De az Öreg már nyitotta is az ajtót:
- "Jól van fiam jól van, hagyd békén én mondtam neki, hogy ne engedjen be senkit. Gyere be és ne cirkuszolj."
- "Még mindig ilyen robotokkal veszed körbe magadat?"
- "Á ne aggódj ez csak álca."
- "Álca? Minek neked álca? A legjobb kommandós kiképzést adtam nektek, a legjobb fegyverekkel láttalak el benneteket, ki elől rejtőzködsz mondd?"
- "..." - gagyogott valamit az Öreg, de a gyerek ezt már nem hallotta. kis csend után vészjóslóan így szólt:
- "Tudod miért nem végezlek ki itt és most? Azért mert meghagyom a saját embereidnek ezt az örömet, neked pedig tanulságul fog szolgálni hogy az a szar amihez még most is ragaszkodsz, pontosan az lesz a végzeted."
Nem sokkal később kinyíratták vele saját feleségét, majd pár évre rá őt magát is elintézték, a saját emberei. Ő azt akarta még legutoljára is elhitetni velem, hogy az a team ami körülveszi halála előtti utolsó hónapokban, az én csapatom. Pedig nem így volt. A saját emberei végeztek vele ugyanúgy, mint Johhny Cash-el is és ahogy ez lesz Trent-el és Merilynnel és Govannal és az összes többivel, akik ezt a hagyományt követik. Az én csapatom a legjobbakból áll és a legerősebbekből. Én az életet képviselem és ezért vagyok olyan erős.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A kapu

Európa csempészkapuja mutyiország. Underwater drones. Vízalatti drónok idejét éljük manapság. Vízalatt sokminden történik ami vízfelett nem látszik. Kis tartály az uszály oldalán tapadva, célnál leoldódik s vár. Horgász, rendőr, vizitúrista, gumicsónakos lakos megáll autókulcsba rejtett jeladó bekapcs. Tartály feljön kipakolás uccuneki. Itt van az autószerelő a szeremlei utcán. Teli lóvéval. Ő is benne volt. De a futrinkától kezdve a szigeti csónakházak, a sugó sori üzletek és parti utca lakói (nézd csak meg  aházakat, látni fogod kik vannak benne...) mind játszottak. Ki önmagára költött ki valami értelmesre - ez utóbbi a kevesebb.
Azután persze kidolgoztak más pontokat is. Úgy nehéz ellenőrizni őket ha ők maguk az üldöző szerv. Kiterjed hálózatuk van, mit sem sejtő dolgozókkal. De a bajai NAV vezetője tudatos és benne van nyakon felül. És sokan mások.
Ohh ja az Imi csinálta az első drónokat, de ő nem szállt bele. Meg is látszik a kasszáján.
A mosszad és a CIA ugyanaz. Egy kétfejű kígyó.