Friday, 25 April 2014

Short History of Inteligence and Secrecy

The great value of a good reconnaissance and intelligence or a news network started to become well known world wide. All the best emperors had very good intelligence and also a very good training for assassins (killers, or soldiers if you like).
For example the Rothschild family had great success in fooling the market in England by telling a lie about Napoleon's winner battle. The fools started to sell all their valuable properties for cheap. And a bit later when the real news arrived to London they could do nothing. So Rothschild family could fool the masses by having a faster news service than anyone else and by using it to mislead others. This is a classic move of a financial war.
Through the world wars the value of good intelligence meant saved lives and won battles, conquered territories. People in the army developed the technology and the methods of recon and interception, code-braking, code-writing, they researched the human brain, body, and mind. Not only Hitler was the lone crazy killer who given order to human experimentation. It was done by USA, UK, French, Russian and other nationalities also. Hitler has the most detailed history of it.
So the system of national defence and intelligence started to become more and more compartmentalised and more complex. As every nation tried to reconnoitre what the other one wants to do and tried to be the first to make a move to get advantages over the other one - the system started to develop in the field of spying. The intelligence agencies become targeted to infiltration. People in these services become double and triple agents. Above some intelligence level the members of this spy world got uninterested being loyal to any nation, they lost that kind of feeling or bond. they become mercenaries. This process happened with the killers too. Because of the secrecy sometimes they did not even know who is giving the order to them. After time, when the Circus was formed, one nations secret service asked an other nations service to kill, neutralise or do other jobs on their land if they did not wanted to do it themselves or the service members wouldn't do it for some patriotic reason.
These facts turned the whole system a soulless machine in the hand of those who financed it. Those people become rulers for the highly trained assassin teams who decided about what they going to develop or defend or attack. Gradually this process called for a global institutionalised body to have some legal ground and become popular. human life become cheap.
Today if there is anybody thingkin' of some more human or balanced life form on this planet from these intelligence communities - than there is one thing what has to consider:
We need a world wide effort against a world wide enemy. And the enemy is everyone who blinded by greed or obsessed with money and power. The simple everyday people know what I mean.
We cannot take more of the nature than what is necessary without having trouble a bit later. And the bill is due shortly.
Today there are two type of people (yes a draw a boundary here): those who can live without war and those who try to do everything to steal, conquer, enslave others and ruthlessly loot nature just because they can.
These first kind will not stop these second kind, than the human race will finish its presence in the universe.
The technology and the methods are so developed that the WW III is not possible to survive. We made it sure as developers to not have that happen. Why? Because we are fed up with war. And we had no power to make the decision makers to not have it so we had to force them. We pulled them on the chessboard so now they have to think many times before they start a world war. Cause they will burn their ass too. Well this is something what they are afraid of... They like to watch as others slaughter each other but to be slaughtered... that's not something they want to do.
Therefore they decided to make small local wars like Lybia, Syria and so on. Now this newborn international community of ordinary people have to work how to trick them to not have even these small wars. We have to force them. We know who they are. They own the big money. They are the real enemy however smooth their talk is.
We have to explain and educate everyone to understand how money is created based on deception and fraud, we have to make them understand the human psyche, we have to make them aware of telepathy how it can be learnt by anyone (on different levels, such as football or tennis), and how it is the base of human power (attraction, influence) and how does it count in decision making. How we decide over something? How we agree on something? What gives the power to some group of people to rule others?
these are the main questions to teach and to learn about. How to live life without having ourselves and the environment being destroyed.
Well the old leaders proved they don't want to go on this road.

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