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USA series, full body masking, charachter building

Orphan Black:
This lineup was a positive, loving (with true love), and rooted in these also very funny, creative. I loved to work with them. The main objective was to show the difference between conscious charater building and swops bettween them; and what we call the conscious multiple personal building where there is no conscious link between the built up charaters. This second thing partly covered by MK-ULTRA and also the Multiple Personality Disorder or as today it is called Dissociative Identity Disorder. In the spy world this phenomena is biing built up consciously by an agent for special purpose: to fool other people who are able to understand of human psyche to the highest level, or at least a much hugher level than any everyday person. Deception.
An other objective was to show the possibilities how different personalities can be built up wearing perfected full body masks. So in one hand the girl was playing many different personalities in one "body" whilest in some cases others played her when same time appearence needed; also other persons appear in many cases in different "bodies" and different charachters played by the same person. Also there are different levels of faking different characters. The whole series this way had become a very interesting showground for faking personalities. A very good lession for spys and actors.
As usually I worked them to frame their mind for the best set to cooperate for the common goal. So we played music, trained, did the usual creative exercises, and so on so we have done nearly everything suyh as the playfield, decoration, cloths, every audio and visual design and also the characters. It was a great fun.
I can remember in Felix's flat the door couldn't be closed properly so I put the srewdriver there to lock it. "And if you open it you immediately have something in your hand as a weapon." I said.
I'll concetrate on the girl now.
In the csene where Sarah has to jump in as Alison at the New Way fittness centre (rehab) on family day, she is being pushed into a situation where she has to jump form one charater to an otherone immediately.
This was done to make her understand why there was a need for splitting up the memory and to break your own personality into fragments when you do dangerous spying missions - where you cannott afford any kind of mistake. She was learning. So to built up these characters for example Felix had to move in for real to that place and live there for a longer time needed to get into the charater exactly. He needed to pick up habits gaind in that environment. And this is very important. Character building cannot be done on the highest level without real experience on the filds. For example you cannot fake a plumber if you do not know how to do plumbing job. Therefor you have to learn it. So if you need to infiltrate any kind of envirpnment you need to pick up many trades and all the usual habits linked to those trades to make it happen. Of course it always depends on how aware is the target environment. But usually I aim at the bests as it was my area of expertees.
So the girl in the family day scene had to jump in a few seconds. She couldn't make it perfect. Some of the moves stayed from Sarah whilst she was playing Alison. The situation also had a triple twist because she had to jump whilst the job in the scene was for Alison to play Tommy whilest the girl had to jump form Sarah to Alison... :-D She did a great job there but she couldn't make it happen for that perfection as when she had the time to make the transition happen by taking time with it, doing the makeup, hair, changing clothing, and getting into the different marks in body movements. Alison was rather vertical, not tactile, she pressed her lips toghether because of holding back inside tension, because of all time lies around... Sarah easy going street kid, closer to the real personality of the playing actor :-D
The reasult shoed clearly that without earesying your own memory and splitting up your personality the risk of getting out of your desired and planned charater is high, so if the job is about risking your or other loved ones life you simply cannot afford it happen. I wanted to prove this for the lower level or trainee, or other newbies on the fild who where many times questiong the developments and why these where need to happen or be done. I won't get into why it was nescessery historically in the cold war... Look it up, or ask me personally face to face i am glad to talk.
But there are other interesting episodes in this one. Can you pinpoint which character is being played by the same person in different full body masks? Can you realize which is the original character of the clone girl and when is it played by other person? You can do a really good bets on these questions if you got to the level where you can see the differences analiticly between the fine motoric movements, walkstyle, soundtone etc...
This is already quite close to the high standards but yet not the highest. You can see the small consciously left differences such as eyecolour changes. This is to help the low level shit to understand or give some clearly visible clues for them who are still in denial.
Well these guys learned form the best of the best. :-D
Of course they turned against me too later, because they are very good aboveaverage but still can bee fooled by the best and they did fool them.
Yeah there are some clues also: such as when it comes out that Alison's suspition thet she is being monitored by someone near (schisophrenic label!!!!) is truth, and her husband does it without the knowledge of why is it truly done is there. This show the usual setup of organized bully or organized stalking where most of the participants are fooled with different framwork. Here Tommy is told that he is recruited for a sociological research whilst the fact was to monitor the activity of the cloned girl Alison. The naivity and dumbness of Tommy is atonishing and this is very common situation within general population. He was dumb enough to be fooled for monitoring purposes to become the HUSBAND of Alison. But this is not the top of the shit. The most worse of it is when people are fooled and breeded from start. This series is addresses that phenomena too by this cloning and breeding children to be raised as assassins, whores, scientists, etc for special controlled purposes with controlled specification.
There is a lot in this series I recommend it for everyone!
Sidenote: cloneing is still a big failure. The breeds are weak and not able to make it to adulthood. GMO has some visible successes but it is also a failure on the long term, unfortuante that nearly all who are doing it are not able to see the long term bluebacks. Nevermind.
Also Vic (Vitor) had a scene where he fall onto a table and broke his nose. It was so oroginal that the two girl did not have to fake or play their surprise is was for real. "Vic" asked me to build up the methal pattern how to make it happen. The diffficulty in it is that you are going agaist the rule of life: as life lives and wants to live. So you have to go agaist your own self preservation self protection and you have to build up a methal pattern to overcome this strong insctinct. Same self hypnotic program could be built up on the good ground as we built it with that asshole who wanted to be beheaded. Vic was a guy belonging to Chip. This death culture is saturated in that guy he is such a double faced someone there is no anybody who could swing to these extremes. He used to swang to both extremes: satanism, or the real true love both side was strong in him. Today the love side is weaker - natural cause of staying in the game for too long: you'll become a piece os shit by time and losse all human values. Sorry Chip.
I was there with them doing enough for 2 seasons and left. You can see clearly what happened in the third season. That was done by them alone without my help. The change is apparent. This was one of the last projects of the fun ride and I entered to it with a few conditions. One of these where that in the first sign of abuse toward me I am done with them. And the second was that they have to maintain a poisitive attitude toward each other and to get this done they had to do certain exersices every day.
After some of them kept some of the values most of them dropped them and turned the series into something else.
Who played the main characters? Avril L, Lindsy Stirling, Zaz, The móki doubles... just a few of them.
The Blacklist
Chip Tatum plays the main character. There is the guy also who played Telly Savalas and also sometimes Bruce Willis very funny that Chip made himself look like Kojak whilst standing next to the guy who played it for dacades.