Sunday, 5 April 2015

heavily infiltrated groups

There are advantages and disadvantages of an open group and a closed group. An open group can share information very very fast. This is one of the main reasons why Alcoholics Anonymous coud become a huge success and could grow worldwide so fast. The disadvantage of this kinda group structure is that the infiltration of the groups is high.
AA anyway is a really good example as its recovery program is the base of the worldwide recovery on the field of intelligence and through this very influential community hopefully this recovery will spread down to the very bottom of every society worldwide.
So if you look at AA you can see that mossad-cia-kgb-maffia groups heavily infiltrated these groups because it's very first step is about POWER  and recovery starts with thinking about POWER and BOUNDARIES of personal levels and group levels. This kind of knowledge is STILL ON EOF THE TOP SECRET things what the old system's 'elit' does not want to share with anybody. Especially mossad-cia-kgb mainly jew (but not only!!!) directed leadership communites who do controll large segments of the world, do not wnat to have this kind of knowledge being talked about.
I do want to get this knowledge spread to the very bottom of every society and I will teach them. I am going to use you all to get the job done. You all who think being an agent means a lot of fun and nice fucks and easy life. I will teach you that it is much better to live in a peacful world than to continoue with the way how it was and is done today.
For this reason I pushed every limit to the very edge regarding human body, psyche, technical equippment and matierials. Everything. The work done by me and the very best of the people on this planet cannot be redone by any of you who do not have the skills to complete it. And you'd betterbelieve me there will be no any team such as my team was for long hudreds of years.
These developments and the structure of the intelligence community today will prove to anybody in it that it is better to live outside of that insane world of deception and lies, and fake love, fake trust fake lives. Maskarade and smiling death is going to be the prise for everyone in it. Fear, constant danger and no real love.
The recovery community on the other side will provide defense for those who start become open and do share everything about the very own deeds on the field. It is hard to be open, but this is the only way. We all have to start to talk openly. We have to have to large society to hear it and to deal with it. Time is running fast and the whole world community will disappear with the planet if there will be no change. This is the deal I made with the Old Man. Change or final destruction.
To protect our people still on the field we have to keep their names and identities secret.
Even we have to be careful what to say about their mission not to compromize them. But we can talk about what we had done. Everybody knows where to draw the line. General strategies can be shared, methodes can be shared. Technology and weaponry can be shared. This is to speed up the change or death prosess. do it bravely. I trust the love of life in people. Let's see what they decide: do they want peace or want to die in a last big burn.
Open groups are very good to meet and keep contact with the rest of the true community. We can recognize each other. We can even start new groups if the one is compromized hardly. We need some money also. We have to keep our companies clean. No dirty things. Clean businness. The dirty stuff has to go somewhere else. This is very important to separate them. The intelligence community seems to me very open to forget the national boundaries so its done deal.
Dirty be dirty clean is clean. There will be in between but the protection will be withdrown form those violateing the healthy boundaries.
Now its boiling.
Many will die.
Many will start to feel better out than in it.
This is what I wanted.
Those who want fun - let them have it... :-)