Thursday, 31 October 2013


"- Why did you select these into the program?"
"- I thought they can be safe in the program, even if they fail. With the follow up cover they would have been much more protected than by any means what is available in the UK. They are children of my colleges."
"- Look there is a serious reason why we select candidates in this program first place by psychological attributes. This program is to train killers with enhanced abilities. This program is not designed to protect your families. The candidates have to be selected by calm and positive attitude. These do not fit in and you put them in the program, and they even did not much the physical criteria also. They failed. And now you made a mess and a lots of trouble because these guys probably will be the ones against we fight and we started the whole fucken program. It can happen that we have to kill them later if they start to use these abilities."
"- ..."
"- If you do this again I promise you that you wont have to worry about anything anymore. You have to set up a family protection program for your children with different goals and training."

Your mess and I have to clean it up again? Why do not clean after your self? And why don't you help if I have to clean your shit? Uhhh?

Friday, 11 October 2013

let's call "it" X

X was grown up in a dysfunctional family. Militarism-secret service lie and lies all day long. X is very sensitive. X do sense the lies. Do sense the tension. X is dieing in it's own family. X has to survive, because the rule of life is: life lives and wants to live. X find solution in sexual pleasure - it gives enough joy to survive for a while. But sexual joy is addictive. The tolerance level is rising. Needs more and more effort to get the satisfaction. By time X discover the additional joy with partners. Now X is looking for partners. The "normal" age-mates refuse - they are usually not interested yet or the chosen method approach by X is scary or unacceptable. X changes the target circle. That's it. Survival. Because you where a lie and where not there to help. To be an example. To show the way. So fuck you. Also: he is sensitive, hyper-sensitive. This kind of sensitivity has feelings, emotions unexplained by others. To have a sense of others feelings is kind of a sexual and kind of a body feeling - if you have no explanation of this it could turn out as you have a sexual interest in the other-one (and as it happens with both gender it is confusing and unexplained, or today if it happens to you you are going to be labelled as homosexual. Especially in younger age it is very difficult. I don't like these kind of labels at all. They behave like boxes. And fixes you in a way what does not give too much of chance to change. I think sexual interest shouldn't be encouraged in young age in any directions. I mean influence. And not even judged too.
Goal: money for one-to-one (+30.000 a year), revenge whatever.
Frame: through one-to-one set to become a bully man, than fire.
Methods:  worm up, slow drop, emotional lift and fall to help unbalance, sleep deprivation, bugging of personal space, bully based on tapped information, calling on names, frightening situations based on reviews information.
Actors: everyone basicly who can be frightened by the loss of employment, kids frightened by personal issues.
Organizer: MI5 and Tony's dogs. Idiots manly who care only about money and do anything for it.  Well, ok I know Tony is a dog too. A big one but only a dog.
That's what it is basicly. There are a few other factors but this is the main stuff. And now what? they did participate in it. I cannot forget that. They did not fucked totally X's files. It is fucked but not that bad. They fucked my mood completely. I cannot work with idiots and people who don't bully only if they are forced to not. that's not what I can do for long.
You see... that what happens if you don't talk and tell them the true. And it is going to get worse if you don't do it.
Pattern:  "If you tell him, his going to deny it..." on the other side he is told to deny everything to make the two sided psycho grater work. Same in bigger pic. If you blow the whistle on the technology and tell them what is going on - you give weapons in the terrorists hand. Of course they will organize the events which going to prove that "we told you..." and they can collect the money from both side. The olympic was a cover the prepare it. And they just advert it on the radio. Idiots. Start talking and sharing the info. Or it is going to get worse.