Monday, 17 January 2011

Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used in Mind Control

Weather Manipulation - Időjárás manipuláció France, Franciaország

I'd like you to think of these pictures. Just look at the maps and think about what you see?
I slept at Migné where a red dot is breaking the red line. I slept in my tent thinking that this area would be a peaceful place. I was wrong. Near to the crossing there is a military base with a huge "telecommunication tower". Not long before I reached this base, my camera gone. What a coincidence? The so called tower looked like this on the right:
The wind had been blown from east to north for one week with a constant speed around 15-25 km/hour. I was fed up with it.
Later on the way from Spain to Hungary I have ridden through some other interesting areas.
For example if you want to ride a really beautiful way through the Pirineos choose this ghat heading to Barbastro. You can see some interesting places, in both sides of the mountain. The road is enchanting, but take care, I saw human bones around.

Next area to check out is the wider area of Lake de Sainte Croix near Riez in France.
Having a closer look on this map above you can just leave your intuition work, thinking of weather manipulation. What is happening in this area? What is the purpose of weather manipuation? What is the main goal of these guys "upstairs"?
What else? Money. Controll. Power.
I drow a line and circled some of the manipulation stations. The side wich is in a military camp area I couldn't go in. The side closer to Riez you sould make some photos if you are there and share with the public. I coudn't make any.
So what is going on?

The rainclouds are coming from the seasore, from south-east guarded with the mounten chain on both sides. Along the line what I drow there you will find the big "telecommunitation towers" you cannot miss them these are very big ones. So they are driving the havy rainclouds from south-east to the direction of the lake and over. After the Lake Ste Croix there is a relatively  flat area around Ruiz and then in right angle an other mountain and the River Durance. When the clouds reach the perpendicular mountain chain they loose the water. The Durance river is collecting that water. How does it makes money? Have a look at the map at Masoque:

And then down following the river count how many water drived power station you can see? More than 8 power station is in the area if I count all of them on other rivers too. Look for dams and power stations. The CIA used to fly quiet airports to keep confidential their moves. How can they organize this area? They need to reach every power station and the weather manipulation towers, and the dams fast. They need good quality roads.  Which they have. And they need a small airport where no one is asking too many questions. They can bring in engineers from all over the world, who know nothing about what is going on, or don't really care because of the good cash for keep mouth shut.
What do you think?
Anyone who is brave enough to investigate please do it. Please make pictures in the area. And listen for them. Just meditate on the map of wider area around:

And if you travel to Monaco, which is a heroin, cocaine entry base on sore, you can see some more advanced camouflage for these "telecommunication towers". There are four of these towers in Monaco. Telecommunication? with four so big antennas? Strange.