Wednesday, 26 November 2014

John McLaughlin & Uri Geller

This fuck killed Uppalapu Shrinivas the mandolin player I just figured out that he used ultrasound and infrasound to target him for a long time, and he went into a liver transplant operation and this caused the lethal failure and lead to his death. This shows his involvment with human and organ trafficing, also his involvment with drug trafficing is 2nd time coming up MH170, MH17, Monaco etc... It seems to me that he is the one who directs intenationally the dirty logistics for these fucks. (He ordered his death, he was tortured by audio weaponry; LRAD type pulsated lowfr it causes pain in organs, then he turned to doctors and they finished the rest - transplant. Not the first case. So John is the mastermind behind EU and UK human and organ and all secret trafficing of stuff just as his servant is Sándor Pitnér in Hungary.
 This is the very nature of english MI6-5: They will smile at you, will talk love to you, will say: 1000 times that I love you and they continously killing you. One old woman told me once: "I hate these indians but I used to smile at them because if I smile they believe that I love them." Tells a lot.
They killed Sandor T. also he told me after he was tortured: "I told them everything." I didn't understand than but now. His brain was drilled. Uri Geller used to have fun saying this: "I used to tell them where to drill and where not to drill."
That fuck also works for these assholes. My father was tortured the very same way later by the very same shit. I just realized this now because they are targeting my organs with infra and ultrasound right now (night and day) from different direction. And this piece of shit T. Sanya the sun of the dead is helping them. He works for them. He works for those who killed his father. Insane.
John McLaughlin is one of the typical assholes: smiles gains respect worldwide and his hand is covered with blood. He is one of the leaders in UK. He trades with drugs and big friend of the oil industry just as is Uri Geller.
Mossad MI6 leaders. Killers of their own and millions. Distroyers of this planet.
The high energy ultrasound and infrasound is able to give you a lot of pain. Pulsated high energy waves penetrate nearly anything specially infrasound. But they have their own limits as well.