Thursday, 29 July 2010

What is MDD1?

Well, as it seems so, MDD1 is a weapon. A weapon "wich we cannot protect ourselfs from" - sad Mark Phillips in his talk at Granada forum.
At this time the documents and evidences are aknowledged about directed energy weaponry. You can check a lot of information about these weapons (ELF, microwave, readio frekvency) on Christians Against Menthal Slavery on science page.
MDD1 is only mentioned by Mark as I know today. But These devil guys always use a lot of different codenames to cover the bloody secrets. So it doesn't mean anything.
What we can not protect ourselfs from is the ELF, mainly. But no too much worries, our Earth mother is radiating ELF too, and it is healthy. And there are good guys too at these devil organisation like CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, And so on...
Keep open your eyes folks! Look for the evidences and check everything, twice! Build the weaponarz if you can. Look out for experts. Risk. And be alive!

Geroge Carlin - Humour, Art and Reality