Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chicken - Jaco Pastorius - 1982

In memoriam Jaco Pastorius.
Dear Jaco. You've been just as me straight, responsible, open, curious and you could not shut your mouth up. When we first met I loved you. You where the first person in my life who understood what does it mean to be with wiped off memory. I struggled same as you and you understood me.
Unfortunatelly at that time automatism worked in the system. What Byrd told that had to be. He told you to shut up. You couldn't. He wiped your memory. You woke up and remembered again and tried to tell the others what is going on. Same as me. You've been killed to shut up and keep the dirty secrets of Byrd and the Circus in the dark. Byrd didn't waste such quality thinkers like you but you haven't been trained how to fight well.
And you helped me. We started to use backlinks, memory reminders for each other. One of these was Chicken:

It reminded me about a band whcich was called together by me in Hungary called CPG (Come on Punk Group - also backlink to Jaco's song "Come on Come over") and one party when I demonstrated the power of blood used to alter the human subconsiuosness in a set frame (concert). A chiken was slaughtered on that concert. Güzü remembers this event (hungarian).

Güzü remembering to the "chicken" party in Budapest in Squere Kozák:

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