Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Two Headed Snake

Trent Reznor & his wife (?handler)
Mariqueen Maandig
Trent Reznor's handler was Johnny Cash. He "felt honoured to frame the end of his life". Well that tells a lot about these assholes and the whole thing what they created on this planet. Trent was smart enough to retreat from danger.
When he sent someone to finish off Gianni I had to neutralize that guy and he was waching it. He know exactly that "he is better then any of us".
So he changed the tactics. Immediately asked Susan to clean my shoes - faking that he is helping me or Gianni.
I left him alive because I knew he cannot kill me and the system needed somone who is goodenough to give the high pressure on it, (otherwise non of you would do enything to believe or do something) but if it goes wild I will be there to finish it off. Because there was no other option to replace me, I had to stay but as I planned from the beginning I was on the run and hiding to not be present for the teams trained to cope with this load (and developing or failing).
If I would be present they would had at least the psyhological background "feeling of the safety nat" and wouldn't perform as well. They had to stand alone against the utmost available pressure without me having on board.
Well the system worked - at least on some level. They underestimated the power of covert wave-weaponry spy-op. They didn't share the knoledge of it and the protection. Most of the system's top wanted, and want to stay on top, keeping the power and the money for themselves. They where more then happy to jump on me in London with the help of Trent Reznor (planner and executer of 911) and first his trainee Guthrie Govan (planner and executer of 7/7) - who took over the position of Johnny. He was very perofessional in sweeping up the floor without traces. And he is today. But not for long from now on...