Monday, 11 May 2015

little robin twitters below my window

The gory clouds lowered back to to horizon, and I remember. I remember who I used to be, the secret, the wonder boy, the repressed talent who cannot be let rule the world because he doesn't share the same ass hole goals and views like what the so called "elite" did.
I called the guy. I went there to ask a question if he knows if the aluminium tape is being sold in the UK or not and if yes where can I find it. He started to talk. He told me a story in the military when once he had to repair a plane's fuel tank and a guy figured out that it can be done by those aluminium tapes used.
"You just have to make sure how much pulling power it has to resist and we just have to extend the surface where it sticks to the rest of the tank."
The idea seemed absolutely crazy. To fix a hole on the tank with a tape where the fuel is going in with high pressure? No way. But the plane had to make that flight because other's life was at stake.
The guy cleaned the surface where the tape supposed to stick on and begun to do the first layer. The second layer was a cross layer to make sure it will stand the pressure well and stays together till the plane hits the ground again.
"I've done this before believe me."
Yes mate. That guy was me. I did that with Chip back in those times.
Thanks to remind me.