Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chicken - Jaco Pastorius - 1982

In memoriam Jaco Pastorius.
Dear Jaco. You've been just as me straight, responsible, open, curious and you could not shut your mouth up. When we first met I loved you. You where the first person in my life who understood what does it mean to be with wiped off memory. I struggled same as you and you understood me.
Unfortunatelly at that time automatism worked in the system. What Byrd told that had to be. He told you to shut up. You couldn't. He wiped your memory. You woke up and remembered again and tried to tell the others what is going on. Same as me. You've been killed to shut up and keep the dirty secrets of Byrd and the Circus in the dark. Byrd didn't waste such quality thinkers like you but you haven't been trained how to fight well.
And you helped me. We started to use backlinks, memory reminders for each other. One of these was Chicken:

It reminded me about a band whcich was called together by me in Hungary called CPG (Come on Punk Group - also backlink to Jaco's song "Come on Come over") and one party when I demonstrated the power of blood used to alter the human subconsiuosness in a set frame (concert). A chiken was slaughtered on that concert. Güzü remembers this event (hungarian).

Güzü remembering to the "chicken" party in Budapest in Squere Kozák:

Mind Set - Mind Frame - Mind Controll - Terminological approach

What is a mind frame or mind set? Why is it so important today?
Terminological approach.
The PsyOp (psychological operations) army teams can covertly manipulate what individuals and masses think of a particular question or they can set a general attitude in these targets through a longer period of time.
This kind of warfare is not new but today it is much more developed then before both in technologies being used and through methods. Telepathic means, microwave and other wave-technologies are employed to indicate audio, visual signals inside the brain even imitating body feelings in a complex personalised pattern to change and channel the inside flow of the thoughts of an individual. The phenomena of influence is well researched and the most influential individuals filtered to be early preset to become well drivable when let into real social power positions. This process of searching, filtering, planning, presetting, and employing is done by humans. Those who are able to do such tasks have special skills and cannot be replaced by anyone. Usually they have special sensitivity to others reactions, feelings, thoughts. They thinking process is boosted by speeding up the thought process, it is done in early childhood by teaching letter, than word recognition then gradually whole lines then pages remembrance and understanding. It is basically speed-reading and analysis using language frame set. (Military uses other frame sets too such as math, for ballistic calculation.)
Regarding to these circumstances the attack arsenal for mind invasion and control is highly advanced. The main question is: How can we get protection against mind manipulation and control?
You see? This is the main goal why I personally participated in developing these invasive and controlling knowledge databases and methods and technologies, to lead everyone to the only solution for this problem: spiritual awareness and deeper (or higher) consciousness of inside processes and individual and collective principles on we build our presence on this planet. One gate is open only.
So what is a mind frame or mindset? I would use both notion as synonyms with a slight difference. Mind set last shorter then a mind frame. So what are they?
Human starts his/her life as embryos in a woman's uterus (in most happy cases). After birth we start to LEARN and EXPLORE the outside and the inside world. This is a process which will contain all the events to SET our KNOWLEDGE about the world outside and inside. So we are talking about EVENTS and the EFFECTS of those events on us and the process of REMEMBERING and PROCESSING the long term knowledge gained from these events.
BOUNDARIES are the first experiences of birth. We become separated from our mother. This is shocking but later we learn, in lucky cases, that is OK and we can get food and safety on the outside. Or in the worst case we learn that it would have been better to never come to this world. That is an other path. Right at the beginning of our life we have the paths guarded by our environment and events. These events and personal representation of them influence our knowledge. This collected KNOWLEDGE about the world contains the possibilities and the limits to our actions. It can be changed by thinking and by getting through other experiences. We develop thinking chains or using an expression from computer world: we build up programs. These "programs" are complex knowledge and thought patterns combined with routine action (practised and many times repeated actions).
Examples of mind frames: religious dogmas and routines, being a scientist etc.
All religious dogmas are there to build up a frame system which does not allow the trapped individual to question anything what would lead out of that frame system. Basically these frame systems limit the misled individual not to explore certain areas of nature and definitely not to think of power. All of these frame systems are developed to limit your thinking process about nature and the events of the outside and inside world.
Also being a scientist limits our thinking process by implementing specific routine processes and also hidden dogmas again to get us not to question certain things or in this area rather to not get any evidence about some phenomenas.
These frame systems help us to deal with the events in our life and also they give a limit to our thinking. So as everything they have advantages and disadvantages.
The mindset which is too static will break if meets an experience which is outside of it. This is the reason why it is possible to kill someone through a well planned a PsyOp action.
The mindset which is too flexible will get us into extremities and detours. This kind of mind frame takes us into wherever the outside circumstances determine. Naturally it is not possible to survive without a completely flexible mindset, therefore it does not exist - individuals are dead who could display such mindset.
So the best mindset is flexible and has a static based on the principles which let's us to live in harmony with the outside and inside world.
The mind control is basically the manipulation and control of the process of forming a mind frame or mind set.