Monday, 7 April 2014

The circus

These assholes kept all analisyt in mind prisons from childhood. They never payed for developers and analysts. I woke up Trent to the fact that he is kept and pushed on drugs because they can even extract the money what he earns for his music making too. So these assholes skinned everyone to the bone. And this was the weakness what I could use to make them kill each other. I just had to wake them up to the fact and activate their greed. That is the thing what makes them fuck each other up. And they do it...:-)
All the best struggle even today to get enough money for living. but we are coming up now - it is going to be finished. :-)
So I tought Trent how to get his own music businnes to cover his own actions. And he got some freedome to do psy-op manipulation and killings for money as secret job. A mind hacker. He was very efficient. You know the rest.