Monday, 7 April 2014

The circus

These assholes kept all analisyt in mind prisons from childhood. They never payed for developers and analysts. I woke up Trent to the fact that he is kept and pushed on drugs because they can even extract the money what he earns for his music making too. So these assholes skinned everyone to the bone. And this was the weakness what I could use to make them kill each other. I just had to wake them up to the fact and activate their greed. That is the thing what makes them fuck each other up. And they do it...:-)
All the best struggle even today to get enough money for living. but we are coming up now - it is going to be finished. :-)
So I tought Trent how to get his own music businnes to cover his own actions. And he got some freedome to do psy-op manipulation and killings for money as secret job. A mind hacker. He was very efficient. You know the rest.

Madonna & Hillary

They are those in the system who always try to turn people to be interested in same sex. Why? Because being a thelepathic psychic is kind of a sexual feeling when you experience it first and you have no idea what are you going through. To channel this feeling they brainwash them to become gays. That is one reason. Mainly they got a drive base and also make a trigger of shame. shame is strong too. You can recognize their traines. Now they started to worry a bit as they know exactly what I am talking - bloggin - about when I say their own team is going to finish them up...
A the dark and the bright side of the force...
So they where mistaken because they think - still they do - that the dark side of the force is stronger...
Well when it comes to dangerous situations the fear, and the hatred can make you do exorbitant things like jump higher, fight harder and so on. But when it comes to long run - and you stay in these consciousness for longer period it kills you, it eats up your soul and distroyes you. Basicly it takes over your life and freedome to feel, love and be relaxed. So for shorter periods I think everyone has to learn how to tap into the dark side but has to be conscious that longer you stay there the harder it becomes to get back and there is a point of no return! There is a point from where there is no turning back toward love because it looses its meaning and the feelings gone.
The love side of the force is much stronger but needs more practice and probobly it is not that flattery or starry - but on the long run it is the only real power which can help us to survive and to live well. Even the muscles work differently if love is present by someone's deeds.