Saturday, 9 January 2010


I love you! Trust me! I do, Love you!
Believe me!
But you have to earn my love.
And you never can be goodenough to earn my love!
But I love you!
That`s Ronald David Laing`s mother.
My mother is likley the same.

I love you!
I know what is good for you!
It is only Me who knows what is good for you!
Believe me and trust me!
You have to tell me everything and than I will solve your life because I love you!
But I do not care what do you want, feel, like.
I love you!
When will you do the Right things to earn my Love little son of Mine?
You have to guess what is the Right You have to know what it is. (What I think to be Right) I will not tell you.
I love you.
You can do nothing what is good enough to earn My love!
What did your mother do to you?

John Scofield guitar lession

John Scofield plays some blues and talkes about phrasing. You can wach it on youku.
He is showing some intresting ways to play scales differently. Good video.