Sunday, 2 November 2014

Is anybody out there?

This question is more relevant today as far I can see than it was in the 90's asked by Chip Tatum in his radio shows. Is anybody out there doing something or interested to do somthing or who would want to or willing to do something about the problems raised by Chip or me or others? Today it seems like if something would happen but in the longer view as many people who started to talk about important topics as mind control, mass manipulation of human communities, continous destroyment of our planet as natural system, poisoning the air what we breath, waging war on territories for profit, controlling the education, child-protection system in sycron with the juristiction and policing forces to cover child abuse, prostitution and murder - seems like non od these people can keep up continous and coherent work (unless very few who do). What would be the reason behind this phenomena today? It is happening today when I know personally that there is force ready to protect these people who want to talk and step up. Why these honest and vigilant people cannot get into important positions in childprotection services, state policy making and do their mission for long terms?
Where is the visible result of the work I personally done to build a protection system for them? Why is it that still there is no honest and open talk on state level of any societies around the globe? Or is there any axample but I just could not read about them or find them? I don't know.
I see something changing to the better but I see as much change to the worse as well. What are those doing who I helped in the past 35 years to develop better and to get better in what they are doing and where willing to turn the wheel to the better? Why am I separated from them? Why there is no open talk to have real conversations? Why is the majority of the community still keep quiet?
I have more questions today then answers. Was it worth to sacrifise my life to the cause to prove that love and action based on love directed toward the betterment of everybody is real and the only way for human race? Or is it time to finish up this chapter in the universe? The next few years will give me the answer and will determine the decision to make. Right now it feels like nothing happened and therefore only the "bad" guys are pushing forward - wich means we are running down to hell and to the finale. What are the rest is doing? It sem to me they do not much.
I am being stalked by wave-technologies continously since they failed with every other methodes and possibilities. Two different type of kind of energy is in use one of them can be detected by radio so it must have been some kind of radiowave or something wich does effect radiowaves. The other tech is I gues micro or some other rader radiation kind of waveform. I do not have equippment to track them or csale them I rely on my experiences. I also have very similar symtomes of poisoning again. So somebody out there is really keen to have me dead. But I won't give that pleasure to them. Also stalking through radio and other "far distenced" sources is in play, my computer is being manipulated also to give me headache (slight changes on the monitor cause the eye to adjust) but these are already well handled by me as I have 10+years of experience in it. All this means they run out of spiritual power, I mean the powers which rely only on the human brains in group. And now they have to rely more on technology rather on their blood rituals or other rituals and ceremonies. This is the reason why they built the big NSA datacenter and GCHQ and these kind of facilities and they need to survailance everybody... :-) They are loosing the war and they behave as wounded wild animals: use every means to hold on to power. They are dangerous but already dead, just they don't see where is the lethal attack is coming for them. Hahaha, They will be done by their own trainees and children. I really do not care now but if I die before my time there is a big problem for you all. :-) You will not survive and this planet will be finished. I promise. Because if I cannot survive then ther is no room for the guys like me and than if you don't let us live we wont let you live. Sorry.