Thursday, 8 October 2015

Star Trek and masking

Yeah. Star trek was the first scene to develop masks, full body masks. And then all other movies of become a forum of masking develpments too. And than it bacome a habit to invent actor charakters who where not real personalities only a made up figures like Telly Savalas (blond curly hair), and all the others, and also the idea conquered the area og syping and then manipulation thrugh inventing characters on the field of military diretorate, polititics, company directorate, so on. These character had a big advantage of being changeble. The personality had been written and all people with boosted brain could fit in if they could fit into the bodyform and shape. So therefore if sombody killed them there was already somebody else trained to take his-her place and from the outside it seemed like they cannot be killed and they survive everything. But as everything this tactic has advantages and disadvantages too. Some positions requier advanced skills what you cannot invent into an other person even in boosted state of mind. So you need to replace the oroginal lost person with a team of analist but a team will never be that suffuicient as one person with all the skills. And also the more person is involved the more communication is needed, and the system becomes more vulerable toward mistakes, visibility, distraction, manipulation, the processing speed slows down etc. The bigger the team you have more surface to get cought and to be misdirected.
But with open and clear communication, concrete based determination of team members this methode can be even more efficient as any kind of highly skilled person. But cannot be faster.
It will be always slower. But the chance of making a mistake will be reduced.
So there are advantages and disadvantages of it.
If you run a system where there is no need of being invisible the bigger teams can be very good help.

subliminal programming thorugh training

Every training had a part right at beginning where I tought about hypnosis and subliminal influencing. All teams had to build u their own motivational subliminal messages which had been played to them thorugh nights and days cntinously. I also showed them the power of negative and positive programming. This was done by setting first the positive message pack in workshops then we did some of the physical part, and than they had to do the same physical excersice what they had done successfully before but now with the negative subliminal messages. This way they could experience how much effect it has on them and we got strong mesures how much it gets back from physical performance and punctuality, creativity.
Nearly non of them could do the same performance with negative subliminal manipulation in place.
It has a huge effect on everybody but to different scale.
Also I thoguht them to build up an alarm system by self hypnosis, or sel conditioning to sense if there is any kind of subliminal manipulation in place. And also realted to that excercise everybody had to build up a counter program for themself to overcome such attack or deterrant effect.
Most of the trainees achieved good results, but the hardest thing to overcome was the positive manipulation with just a small unbalancing trick implanted. This tactical method can be recognized in common deception tactics as the best deceptor always tells 95% truth and 5% lie to derail people who fallen to follow these agents of deception. This rule seemed to be truth regarding to subliminal messages used to enhance training performances.
I also whoed them the negative effect of swearing or use of offensive language. I proved to everybody thorugh showing the effect of it at extreme physical performances done in life trathening situations. Everybody understanded that this is a mistake of which can cause your or your dependants life. This is the preofan and practical reason why my trainees do not use offensive language reagarding live actions and training - and they also try to avioid it in civilian life or cover life as well - cause that takes also effect in every character played by them.
So the avoid swearing is not just a thing we do because somebody told us so and because it does not fit to etics of decency or because of moral grounds. No. We do not do it because it has effect on our own physical performance and on our friends and others performance and life. And we do care of ourselves and our surrandings and other living beings. It is an other case when we must use force to protect or disintegrate somebody doing lethal or other destructive, subversive actions against us or others. Sometimes to flesh the blade is enough but many times only lethal force is efficient.
A few words about todays deseption. As i proved to the top of the piramid that the strongest force comes from love the rest of the community who did not want to understand or choose to not follow the natural order - kept fighting me and everybody who decided to follow this fact. They did it because the old system was built on fear, blackmail, killings. The insertia of the old system is the main cause of this fight and also the additcion to power and moneypower.
Today many of these player changed on the surface because the fighter elite mostly accepted all the facts proven by me and expleind by me to them.
This fact had an effect on all areas as these elit killers mean even today the "biggest gun" in the system and they are the enforcesrs of changes in all areas. Therefore all system belongig under them worldwide had to start to acccept these facts if they wanted to keep up with the best. But the money and power hungry non extremely trained in marital actions and philosophy always tried and try to push the level down because by this way they can keep their positions by using their own trained killers as enforcers - which ones can be manipulated and are controlled by them. They try to maintain their controll over the best by manipulating them and monitoring every acpect of their life.
But the problem is that they reached a level when even the best killers - who are also the most sensitive toward sensing any kind of manipulation and surrounding phy events - they are able to manipulate.
But! But what goeas around comes around, because of the advanced listening world wide both electronikally and by psychic means this methodology got out very quick and they can be also manipulated the same way. So today the big players of this power piramid are also vulnerable to the very same manipulation what they tried to keep secret to gain more power and maintain status quo. But by the very same course they are loosing it.
Also about killing. It is proven that there is no possibility of changeing anything if you try to stay within the legal framework. It is proven in many countries. So if you want real changes you have to step utside of it. But if you do the money and power hungry bastards can hit back by using the masses and the legal enorcing bodies as military, police so on. For this reason you have to cover and clean up eny evidences or visibility of your enforcing strategies. This is the very methode these hidden groups used to build up this invisible diretorate over the world. The very same route has to be used to demolish the old system - but if you only demolish than you will end up where the old system begin. To aviod this kind of U turn back to the very same shit where we are trying to get out from, you need to build up clean businisess and communities, forums where truth can be told, and there is no deception, and distruction as tuling principle and there is a healthy community to rule and give the very best framework for this change.
I do not see these directions in any form or sheap. There are only lookalikes who are directed by the very same shitheads and still the very best suffer and cannot find ways to a healthy life. These leaders of today still follow the very same principles of the old system with a bit of difference, such as some places where the killer elit takes the responsibility gained by real spiritual awakening, and enforcing some changes. They follow the recovery principles only where they feel the extreme pressure done by killer force. Unfortuantely the old system can listen to only lethal force, blackmail and so on such as they are directed by fear.
Some communites are today built on love, real love - but still the very best who stick to the recovery principles, without any bargain or sidedeal for power or money, are excluded from these communites and are labeled by deception of some form. Usually this is done by the very same leader who already learned to provide the loving, real loving directorate and leadership but still belong to a handler of the old system.
This way thay can maintain some block to the real changes as they fake the change, they exclude and ostracise the guys belonging to the new system, letting them die off and than they are hopeing to make an other U turn backward to the old system which is ruled by them again.
All killer elits have to be aware of this kind of deception and have to make it changed. You all have to gain extreme focus on all of those who do criticise the whole system and have a good understanding of modern day manipulation regarding to mind reading, organised stalking, psychological operations, subliminal manipulation, any kind of stuff related to the area of methal health. You have to look for a great and deep inventory of the persons who are usually ostracised or marginalized on the long run and getting a huge load of organized talking, manipulation.
There are fakes in this area too. For example I found a Sky Maitreya named TI who is basically a highly intelligent someone who could even be a real TI but with sidekicks. Has to be analised yet but suspicious that she is some kind of set up to fail kind of fellow. She knows about many parts and phenomenas but misexplaines them and her solution is misdiretions too. You can find many of these usually they are promoted also. They can be real ones who where let to get out to the open because of low level understaning or highly sensitive to hidden controll and usually easily directed by the manipulators thorugh many means. I haev find her pron videos and she is totally enjoying it so I think she is being driven by sexuality. It is a very strong drive too. All teh bests are suppressed usually avoiding any kind of starlight to maintain invisibility to the old system. But they this way become invisible to many who would needed them.
Everything has it's advantages and disadvantages.