Wednesday, 21 January 2015

police brutality

They are loosing. Therefore they are more and more desperate to protect themselfs by any means. The means left to use are open agression through military type forces (police, military, homlend sec, fbi, dru, terror commandos etc) and the covert means unknown by public. How the public can defend themselves against open brutality or covert means? Well there are many ways. It is not really a good defense if people go against armed forces without weapons. It is suicide. This is done by desperate people who have no protection agaist the dirty player big brother government like maffia.
But there are means what people can use. Against these covard brutal droid like brainless machines. Covert energy weapons can be built on small budget and can do the job effectively supporting the crowd facing the open forces.
microwave can cook meat and if you look at these beainless machines as meat you can have an idea what I mean. They don't look at you anything else than meat or object blocking their way so - eye for an eye: you will have no other choce to make. Microwave, ultrasound, radiofrequency weaponry, laser, anything what you can use - can be a powerful tool in the hand of the thinking people. They wear armor, they have firearms but what can they do if you use a well powered readio frequency directed on them from behind a building unseen, undeceted? what they do if you burn down their communication equippment with microwave? They will become an armed herd of sheep. There are many other means to beat these servants of power even to death if the situation gets that level. There are many very good weapon ideas if you look household equippments and thing out of the box. There are guitar amplyfiers, dj tools which are capable of amplifying ultrasound spectrum - for the best audio - can be used to aplify ultrasound dopplered waves which can distract the fromal army. to be disarmed. Older television with cathode ray tube can be transformed into an electron cannon - and can be lethal weapon against the armed suppressors. Microvawe oven can be tuned and transformed to become a weapon through walls to target the suppressor open army from cover. And there are many other means what the public can use to protect themselves - if they are willing to live in a free world.
But you need to act and think. You need to be brave. Otherwise you will get no results only wounds and scars.