Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"One ring above them all, One ring to rule them all."

The "Circus" was the "ring" above them all - meaning all the intelligence and secret services around the planet Earth. The members of the this group can be found in the painted pictures of Bush Jr. All of them is a member of the "Circus" but not all members are painted. Qaddafi was a member of the "Circus". So YES they kill each other too if they can. And yes they do cooperate with each other, they do plan for long term and they do business. This kind of double thinking and talking and acting is general. They will NEVER stop doing what they are: gain more power and money by whatever means...
Bush painted them because he decided so, it was part of his recovery program what he had to follow voluntarily (other question how many times he went back on insane wrongdoing). I gave him the freedom of choice on that. But he wanted to keep it secret so that's why the hacking happened (no worries the guy who did it was overconfident, he believed that no one can catch him, I warned him I trained them, but he resisted. There is a price for being overconfident. And the paintings had to become public. Inside painting probe...
All the searching and listening and eavesdropping technologies over phone, internet, and other telecommunications have security holes, or backdoors just like the Microsoft Windows has and those very well planned holes have their well fitting tools for interception. It is like puzzle. If you examine the system you will not find the "bugs" you will not find any listening or fishy kind stuff but if you have the missing peace you can turn any device or operation system into a spy machine. This strategy was developed because the manipulators had to hide under more deeper cover. Through this system of world mass surveillance they can operate in the dark worldwide - but also this advantage of cover for them gives us the possibility to use the very same system against them. We, who have not much to hide, we can turn this mass surveillance system against them. We can listen to their deeds and go public. We can also use their own servants to publish what we found in the dark.
If we work hard and keep up the tempo with them, they will kill each other and uncover the real puppet monsters. The real puppet monsters are the owners who own the banks, money, property and so on. We have to deal with them even if we work for them right now - time is coming when everybody has to decide what side to take and get the result of it.
So The "Circus" is basically an international mafia with access to all the highest technologies and methods. And I mean those things what about even the visible formal army's intelligence is just probably heard some rumours. But these technologies and methods where developed by the "penguins" (Madagascar cartoon) simple guys like me and smart ones working for the Circus as developers and/or analysts.
There are many ways to beat this kind of structure but all of "us" have to be deeply conscious about what we are heading toward and what we believing. We don't need to plan too much because most of us believe in freedom and respecting each other and the environment around the thing will find their right place. But here is a lot to do and there is always something to do.
As every human with better understanding about the others, like a parent to his, her child, we have to take care and to draw boundaries for the wrongdoers. Even if they are powerful. There is no much of choice, to do that, most of you already leaned that. Force is the only way unfortunately. Sometimes even force is not enough - then there is no choice. If they do not leave other choice - we have to do what we must do.
They always will play along the "panem at circensis" principle and will divide people by real boundaries (gender, language, nationality, etc) because to make war you need minimum two sides to fight each other.
Yes. There are boundaries between us. But these have advantages just as can divide us. Clearly visible how the Circus works id you examine what is going on Ukraine right now. The people living that area are the football when the big Boys upstairs play the soccer with them. Who gets the big money? Always that is the question. Follow the money trail. but to oversee the money trail we have to see the money moving and that's belong to banks. They will never tell people what is really going on. Why? Guess why.