Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sreaming Headless Torsos - Free Man

  For 20 long years I had a secret: I could not read music. But thanks to hooked on funk: I`m a free man!

This Is My Life It's Not For Sale
i Won't Be A Fool In Your School Of Misinformation
not A Puppet For Your World Domination
i Have A Soul, And A Mind As Well
don't Think That You Can Tell Me Lies
i Realize The Truth

green Green No, I'm Not A Machine
i'm A Human Being
not A Robot Mechanized, Computerized, Paralyzed, Hypnotized
i Realize It's Time To Stop
i Am The Water Rushing Hear The Sound Like A Sunshower
all The Colors Of The Rainbow
flowing Down From The Mountain, From The Mountain

i'm A Free Man With A Free Mind
i Have A Dream
i Am Young, But My Soul Is On The Run
if You Look You Will See
there Is Something For You And Me