Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the "Circus"

Byrd was the leader of it, under him: jr. Bush, Putin, Blair, Hillary, Merkel, Bernanke, the most smarter ones and so on many others. The hierarchy depended on who could understand what and who had the right skills to cerry out actions and to use the "spacial channels" for communication.
Those who could gain knowledge of how the human psyche work and how to break, manipulate and controll it strated to trick each other by splitting the others mind and building up triggers. As the methodes and the technology developed they got smarter and smarter that's how the hierarchy formed. The better understanding, the more controll you had of your mind and other you got higher. Yes you can call this as freemasonry or secrest society - but useless because all of htem had long history in these activities in alphabet agencies, secret millitary groups, secret religious groups, sects, cults others... Whatever you name it. they had only one in common: the personal ability to understand personal and collective subconsciuos to some extent and the differenc of the dept of their understanding and manipulation skills made up the hierarcy.
The ways how they manipulated collective subconscious mind (collective mind which is a bit shaky motion because there is no open argument and not many people has the experience of it - therefore cannot reach any level of understanding of it also) differed. Some went on woodoo rituals, some masonry rituals, Buddhism rituals some tryed out most of the possible ways (Byrd was one of a kind who tryed every possible ways of it - and he gained the most deeper understanding of it - therefore he gained the most controll of it - he become the leader, he got the strongest power).
But even Byrd was controlled ffrom the outside because there are families with long tradition and knowledge of mind controll who basicly breeded humans and controlled the development and understanding of selected individuals. Byrd was one of them.
Just to mention the Kenneddy family was one of these families. Also the Bush family. And many others from royal bloodlines to millitary and the sicret servises and their families. Not to forget that banking families who's life and wellbeing depended upon keeping secret of their wrongdoing belong to this very much so.
the number 666 is just a reminder of the date 1666 when the first paper money was issued.
So it all was about power and how to gain more and more power.
Byrd at least knew that honest talk is one of the main ingredient of long time power. So he was honest with those who reached the level of recognizing what is a lie and what is not. He had that kind of sensitivity wich made him able to know who is lying to him who is not. So I. That was the point when I came in and when to of this kind meets then big things start to happen.
Most of the leaders of today do not know this is one of the main principles of power: you can lie but if you lie to someone with the power to recognize you are lieing you loose your power. This is the reason why these guys loose their power and those will gain who can be honest. Also the people started to uderstand a bit better their own psyhe because in the race for more and more money and power the rats use the avialable thechnology and methodes more and more extensivly and it causes overuse of them and also activates those channels what they are using to mislead and controll. So people started to see more. Unfortunate that the roght guys who can be statisfied with a simple life with not that much of power and not that much of money (not addicted to controll) - those are not not in the hurry to gain it. So the process had to be given in the hand of those who are eager to gain it: the bad guys. That's why I had to start with the millitary developments. Because they know that controll - force depends on the stronger army.
Now ordinary people started to wake up because their pals and loved ones died. Sorry but YOU guys did not listen to me before so you deserve this. It shouldn't happen if you where about to listen to me.
I am not a controll freak. I know that the most powerful thing is when you let other freely experience and decide. I had to nurture and help the intelligence community to grew up and become adult in terms of gaining understanding of their own psyhe and our collective psyhe which is still denied and kept in secrecy by the powermonger assholes.
That's what it was all about. to make you understand it. But to do that you had to experience what you had to get through. What is the experience of being able to tap into someone else's physical vision, consious thought process, bodyfeelings or else. How it is to experience outside of your body. How id it to use outside of body memory strores to gain your memories back after memory loss (induced from outside). How to store your main goals and how to stick to your main values when your mind, your memory is being manipulated through several technologies and methodes. Ordinary people usually are not interested in these thing until they are not forced to be interested by fear of death of loss of something. That's what makes it painful.
And the other thing why i had to give ununderstanded weaponry in the hands of those who where obsessed with gaining more power is because I had no recourses to finance the development and pay for the guys to make it happen. So I had to make them to develop things which will do the job. I am sorry for those who died because of it. It would never happen id you ordinary people would believe me and would step out of your limited mind framing world views to ask the right question: how is it possible, how could we make ourselves understand, and if you would be willing to do anything to understand.
But these bad guys will stay a bit longer because you still think that you do not need this knowledge to be spred among fellows. Right. You will see that it will become worse and worse.

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