Thursday, 25 September 2014

Remark You Made - Jaco Again

He played the leader to cover me. I cannot remember why. At that time we still had no enough reliable people as far I can remember and he sacrified his life to make a chance on keeping Theresa alive in Portugal. He was trained on personal level but there was no other protection that caused his murder in hospital.
"And don't ever hit a child ot a woman." - he said - "Cause I did."
He tortured his children. He did what was done to him. But he was one of the very first ones who admitted it immediately and he asked help what to do about it, how to make it right. He asked me. I was the leader or I had become the leader at that time. He just jumped in and understanded and egreed in my goals and statements. He trusted my analysis. Pet Metheny made fun of him and they where agains him with John Mclaughlin and others too. These fucks still work against us all. Chick too. Those who would turn died. Keith Jarret and many others. Some of them is not dead just had to disappear and we helped them to start a new life. But they cannot play again.
Jaco, Jaco.
"Mit tegyek? Hogy tegyem jóvá?"
"Mondd el neki. Mondj el neki mindent. Mindent amit csak tudsz. Amit nem tudsz arról hagyj neki emlékeztetőt, majd megérti később."
Anglia rohad tovább szédületes tempóban. Kár értük.
De jó lett volna ezt a stratégiai szintet együtt elérni. Jaco, Chip, apám és én bográcsozhatnénk mint régen valahol a dzsungelben vagy a szteppén... röhögnénk a sok hülye stratégán...
--- mindegy megfizettek mindenért, egyre gyengébbek vagytok s már eltitkolni sem tudjátok.