Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Yes, there is non human intelligence who are helping us...

and yes, there is non human intelligence who is against us. Non human either non humanoid intelligence are out there and they have their own troublesome and criminal, as we would call them, dirty loundry too. This dirty part of the universe helped the greedy, control mainac addict, unresponsible, without any kind of humaness and missing empathy group of people who did form the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) which was formed by those who had the knowledge and power to these captured and many times tortured creatures of the universe. They used them and broke them, and stole their thecnology to be powerful and to rule the Earth's living comunity, but they where nothing but abusers.
There is an other much bigger council a real commuinty out there who finally decided to interrupt. Without their help everyone on this planet would die off who do follow thel laws of our shared universe. They had to interrupt and protect us who decided to do what it takes to make the changes come through. They needed a long time to make this decision because they do this only and they do everything only if they can agree all toghether. They argue and examine every possibility coming from their decision and all of them have to agree. They act only when they reach the consesus state of mind through their community. Finally they made their decision. They dicided to help us and also to make changes in their side.
They are against killing because they know what it causes in their psyché. They rather die then do killing. But they had to understand that we here on Earth have to kill to survive. The lawful killing is allowed through the universe. These creatures did not kill because they had a shared mind. They where mind-readers all. But they had their individual minds as well like us. They where fooled by the high intelligence in this planet who hide them and lied about them for more decades and continue to lie about them. And they also managed to use them, stole from them, and torture them to form their psyché to become a tool for the very few on the top.
This power elite will have an end. they decided to interrupt. i helped them to find a solution to protect their psyché whilst they clean off the dirty parts. They do teleportation. They have advanced science and knowledge and better understanding of the laws of the universe. So they teleport the shit to a planet where they are being used as fertiliser to make it livable for other life forms. Others who still have some hope to change within harsh environment are being transported to a planet where they have to fight for surviveal by learning how to stick to the lwas of the universe. If they have success they somtimes can develop that planet and have some animals flowers, vegetables, fruits there. It is being also transported there upon some well built projects are done by them. Those who survive there and reach a full understanding of natural laws, the rule of love and care and resposibility they are being transported back here. If they fail to follow these rules here again than they will be transported back again to start again. After 3 times they fail they are dumped to be fertiliser and serve the good the new life forms by their death if they couldn't do that by their life.
this program become accepted by these creatures because I proved to them they are not protecting themselfs of killing they are protecting their psyché to prevent becomeing that kind of distructive power who only distroyes and enslaves them. They follow my guidelines how to do this. I explained and worked out the program for our fighters how to survive the long time they needed for this decision (they calculated 10-15-20 years back then in human time mesure) and they agreed to help in some things until.
They made up their minds all in one unisone consciousness.
I told them they let die others. If they can do that, that means they are not against killing they just do not want to participate in it because of it's effect on their mind and therefore their behaviour. This is the same with every human beings. Humanoids are those who already are over the point of no returne or very close to it and they are with the lack of any kind of human responsibility for other life formes. They are the ones who do not care or their care is limited to some or very much extent.
I offered them to do the killing by transporting them over a planet where they do not have the chance to survive or to do the killing very fast without giving any time to have any kind of effect in the target psyché therefore any kind of effect on their psyché also. They finally agreed to do something. They had to. They vhere on the wedge of living also by their own dirty broken parts. they also have their war (cleaning process) going on outside of Earth. This takes time but they finally help us.
I wrote this for those who are listening and in the know. Offering for mr green an all the others.
A virág is félrefordított? No szép. Sajnálom.
Azok akik eleddig nyaraltak, meg jetskit vettek meg basztak és dorbézoltak, és csak hamis vagy részleges módon tanították tovább amit tőlem ingyen kaptak tudást, technikát, módszert - azok most meg fognak dögleni mind. Kivétel nem lesz közöttük. Azokkal együtt akik hazudoztak és hazudoznak és tovább mérgezik a bolygót és a többieket. This is the final countdown.
I asked them if it goes very wrogn on Earth if i could live the rest of my life up there on their planet. They agreed to it. However they did some exceptions earlier ith individuals and their food is not suitable for us it reduces our lifetime and gives some bad feeling at the end of it for a few months depending on our body and our psyché. but I felt so good up there when they transfered me to meet their council, that I think it is worth it. That level of understanding and that unbroken love, respect comes from them is the thing I lived for in all my life and worked to make it happen around me. If it is not possible here on this planet ma last wish was to finish and get it there. I also talked in the name of many of us who followed the lwas of universe and las of love. But you have to decide for yourself. Also until we are here we have to do our best, no any type of double gameing, double talk or double think, and no any kind of double behaviour - we have to stick to our best understanding of the natural laws. There are many people humanoids who interpret these laws falsly. Misinterreting them. But we all have the nesseccery skills to understand and find these laws even when the manipulation is continues and very highly advanced. the main thing is the direction where you are going to. What, Why and How you do your things.
If it goes very bad will mean the total distrution of this planet. I made it sure this is going to happen. And as if today it very much seems to go that way - with a little bit of development but more false and untrue design changes which are there to lure the most of it. Still there is hope. Hope dies last at least and my goal is to make that community here happen. But time goes and our bases of life our conditions are in great damage. We also developed some methodes how to survive a nuclear global war but these methodes only for the one's for those who are the best and follow the rules without any kind of restriction or deal made for financial or other reasons. We are on the edge of living today. No income, no respect, no healthy environment for many, isolation and targeted for ridicule, and hard and soft killing methodes. As far as i know we are offered al the chance after careful consideration to get this chance to finish in full unbroken love. We'll see. Until than we have our job to do. All the shit has to be cleand off of this planet.
I though them about what lie is. They did not know what it means and how is it done. I thought and made them understand what kind of mind tricks these assholes are using and what is the difference between using love as a tool and doing love as a responsibility and a passion. I explaind to them that these broken humanoids are just using love for their goal and they do have the knowledge how to do it right but this is not their goal and they are abusing it, thay broke it, and withraw it and make others broken by it. Those guys out there non human beings many of them never broke it and they never withraw it for any reason. They'd rather give their own life to protect yours, this attitude is worth anything. It is worth of a little bit of pain or bad feeling by the end - I know for sure that their love can make me so strong I will get through it easlily in that environment. But I talk only for myself now.  We die here anyway why not surrounded by true love?
But still there is hope and some development on the horizon. We'll see what happens.
Senki, aki ott abból a kameraállásból látszott - senki sem a saját arcával szerepelt mindenki kivétel nélkül maszkot hord aki ott látszott a parlamenti közvetítésből.
De egyébként oda se egnednek mást mint aki benne van már a maskaradéban, és valamivel meg tudták fogni és irányíthatóvá tudták tenni.
kis katinka megdolgozott az aranyért keményen, ujjhosszabbítás, kemény szex, mindenkivel aki lehetővé tette neki... nos hát mindennek van ára. Az eredeti helyettesítői akik valóban tudtak is úszni, meg bent a szarkavarók között persze hiszen ők is oda tartoznak annak ellenére hogy nemes feladatot vállaltak és teljesítettek - konzumidióták ők is, úgy nőttek fel és szerintem úgy is fognak elpusztulni, bár az esélyt nem akarom elvenni tőlük hogy teljes mértékben megértsék mi történik és melyik értékrend mellett érdemes kitartani.
Mindneki teszi amit tud. És tegye is. Az egyeseknek ezt nem is kell mondani se. Mi mindig is ezt tettük.
Of course I am going to fight until my last breath here and until I can a bit to do I will do everything in my power. Most of my work is set already nad these shitpile humanoids dont care just follow their own agenda and cover their mistakes and faults. Treating the simphtomes of a much deeper problem laying in their general and abusive attitude toward life and environment. So I will run until I can. You all have to make your own decisions. for those who try to ridicule: be careful! I always proved for everyone what I stated and it is not going to change! I will prove it for you and probobly you wont be strong enough to take it when it comes. You laugh at a price dude:-D You don't belive me that is your decision to make but you talk bullshit and make others to follow your role, I'll make you understand and take you for a ride. After if you survived, if you do, I will listen to your explanation and critics, before you'd better shut the fuck up! Believe me I promise.