Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Thinking of recovery brought up some more traces of the past

- "What will be our name? Can we hold meetings like AA does?
- "Well we cannot use any names to identify our community."
- "Why?"
- "Look at for example CIA. CIA originally had no official structure. There was only one employee to report to the president and to deliver the messages back to the community. "Official" formal structure was formed as an experiment and the counterpart of it such as KGB in Russia remained unofficial. Don't forget that these organisations where formed by the vary same circle of people and originally they had goo intentions: they had been the top of the military intelligence, they knew exactly what kind of destructive and powerful weapons are there already developed - because they developed them. And also these people back then did think about the consequences of these developments, they did care about distance future far over their lifetime. They did care about our future. And then what happened to CIA? Look at the formal institution how it operates and what principles drive the very people in it! It is far far from the original founders will and wish. I know that because I could talk to the rest of them alive in the early 80's late 70's."
- "In the moment you name a group of people, you also separate them from the others. You draw a line a boundary. And then this named group can be used to blame. For example you can do dirty things, like child-pornography abuse, murder, mass-murder, bombings, terror attacks and so on, and then claim that it was the CIA. And than you can do these dirty things for real also because the organisation is secret and all members are hiding. So this kind of secrecy is not really the thing what we have to look for, it is basically a principle which is damaging for us (the intelligence community which really does practise the 12 step recovery values) in the long run. And also if you look at AA itself you will realise that it is fully infiltrated by mossad-cia.kgb-maifa people who are there to keep the recovery and awareness level down to not reach the understanding of the first step combined with the 12th step which leads toward questioning the governmental and other "official" artificial power structures built up by the very same assholes who drive these low level intelligence dogs."
- "But then how can we meet up and share our feelings, ideas, support, solutions and implementations of the 12 step principles through the field of intelligence? How can we recognise each other? How can we avoid infiltration?"
- "Yes these questions are real. I don't know. What I know is that if someone does practise the recovery principles, and not just faking it to be accepted and then to become a main voice in the community to mislead the majority - so those real ones will have real power, the power of attraction on which is the recovery community is built on. And they will have more above that being attractive, they will be honest and no double speaking, no misleading, or at least there will be a real willingness and also real actions to make amends if any of these or worse shortfalls "relapses" would happen. Amendments and corrections will be taken into action in the open or on the level of openness which is appropriate to the caused damage in the spiritual body of nature (where everything is included: human, material existences, non-material existences, or any other beings in the universe). You see? When YOU will completely understand the basic principles of 12 step recovery these questions will disappear because you will reach the principle of discernment and you will see when and who is "in it" and who is falling down to hell because of greed, addiction to power, pleasure, comfort or because of fear, powerlessness, helplessness or something else."
"There must be somewhere a central intelligence which is helping us and does influence the curse of events."
"There must be a power greater than us, God, as we understand God..."
- "How about killing? How can we claim that we are good if we continue killing? What would make a difference between us and them?"
- "Ohh yes these are really important questions. Well if we are going to expose ourselfs than we have to prepare for the worst: that we are going to be attacked by the assholes and out loved ones will be targeted too. We developed our training methods which makes us the best. We can protect ourselfs against anyone. All of those who reached the level when they are able to sense above the ordinary senses - and we all develop over that level because of the training what mostly I developed, we will become extra sensitive. This kind of sensitivity enables us to know in advance what is coming to hurt us and to chose the best ways to survive or do what we have to do. Killing because of self defence is somehow legal or accepted in the universe although if you are way much better than the one(s) coming for you  and you have the skills to avoid the attack without killing . you have no right to kill. This is not a rule or a dogma this is my experience and offer of approach. We cannot have written rules also same as name to avoid subversion. But to protect our loved ones, it is hard - we are left many times with no choice. We have to eliminate the attacks. There is no one size fits all solution here, we will need to share and learn the experiences of each other.
Returning to the subject of sensitivity: I have to notice you that all of those who reach the level of that sensitivity to sense danger, love, and other kind of extraordinary states of mind - will avoid killing because it comes with sensitivity. This is my experience too: when you kill someone, you are having a experience which damages you soul to - because that kind of sensitivity leads anyone toward the understanding and the real experience of being one (oneness, wholeness, connectedness) and by killing you do damage this side or dimension of yourself. Therefore you loose your sober mind as well. Being attacked and being in the state of mind full of fear also damages you an the long run. For short term it helps you to survive because it boosts your senses but staying there kills the love out of you, and destroys you spiritually and than physically too. Just like addition. So we have to take care of your soul and we have to take really good care of you killers. We have to know where the boundary is. We have to know precisely where the point of no return is and we have to STOP BEFORE. Every one of us can feel it when it is close. There are indicators of it and with that kind of sensitivity which makes us being the best of the best will let us know. Those who are being pushed over or are willing to step over: will lose some of the gained skills and therefore be the looser when have to face with anyone who still have the good sense. You see: this is The Proof what I presented to the Old Man, and to the higher circle of power as evidence of that love is the most powerful driving principle. This is the all time truth: it is always the good guys who can win the battles of aggression and violence if they are willing to DO and practice the principles which are presented to us in many ways but as the best written way is in the book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Also I built the forcing power which is going to make sure that anybody after me will have to follow the principles. I built a very sophisticated tool which will make sure that the guillotine is above the human race as a whole if the transition is not made fully toward recovery. It is linked to my being so if I leave this shadow world early you will have not much time to live after..."
- "But why did you do that?"
- "Because as I studied AA I realised that it is successful and it works only in those cases where the final fatality is close enough to make someone to do the turn the willingness toward accepting help or be willing to become really open and be willing to follow the principles with no reservation. They needed a lethal force to make it happen. So I developed that force which is there to force the whole human race or in the worst case to disappear from the universe forever together with this planet. We all need this outside force. Otherwise all the efforts will be just tools in the hand of those seeking more sophisticated way of control and power over others and everything..."
- "The main problem is about killing that when 'they' realise that one to one and other physical attack fail and won't work against our community than they will swap to use covert means and the majority of our community will not understand those means. Because a physical attack is obvious but a covert radiation or sophisticated poisoning is not. Therefore those who have a higher level of understanding about these covert means will be in conflict with the very same community on the lower levels. That times going to be very tough, because those on the higher levels of understanding will have to kill those who do nothing to protect the top ones or will in some cases turn against them because of misunderstanding, because in hope for material and strategic advantages. They will have to die. Of course we will develop also so probably we will have other means to force them to follow the right ways but we also can loose the ability to oversee and understand the slight differences in the applied technology, methods and principles. We in the smallest circle on the top of the understanding pyramid, we agreed that it is only me who can follow and stick to the original course and values after several memory losses too. So it had to be me who's life signal loss triggers the final. If I cannot survive until the right lifetime and the system will be not changed on the main principles: the planet has to be destroyed. We agreed on that. And I build the equipment with the help of the best of the best - however they had to loose their memories forever after. It did not happen because I am so selfish, hahaha no. It happened because I have the skills and the determination to carry out this task. And I will. I made sure that even me, I don't have a choice. I cannot change my mind. I can but it does not matter the course of event are set. And I left the decision to be made by everyone. Of course on different levels of power and understanding this decision has to be made also and it has to be made freely. The consequences are there.
They where trying to build the very same empire basically from day one, but they thought that the most strongest drive is fear and the best organizing principle is strict control by the use of force so they built their system based on these principles. It is a universal will, it is the will of God if you wish, so there is a higher mean which wants the human race be united as one nation and in one world order. It is the only way to survive. But they where is taken about the basic principles. They did it wrong and this is what has to be changed in the next at lest 50 years but rather in the next 30 (this is my best guess of my lifetime, according the hostile and neglecting environment around me). If not there is no more chance to the human race. No way that you can stay here anymore. this is the reason why some of the scientific minds trying to leave the planet and trying to build ships to fly away to an other planet, and means to provide artificially the right environment for humans. Hahahaha... They are doomed to fail and I wouldn't be on those ships for anything. They understand what I just wrote here and they do not want to change anything. They own the biggest wealth. they are the 1%. Basically they are the biggest problem too however they are not the only ones part of the problem because on the lower levels the majority does the same and has the same thinking pattern (they are brainwashed by them and followed by them).
- "Unfortunately killing must continue until we can get to the point of understanding of the main problem and it has to be understood by the strongest majority who can enforce it. It has to be forced until everybody will understand and at least three generation is grown up in this understanding and experiencing the principles in practice." "Well there is a big chance that it will fail by the end, yes. but I had to leave the choice open and I had to be ruthless also. And I am. It is done. I cannot change it now."