Sunday, 20 April 2014

Memory - False Memory

As anybody can forget things as forgetting memories can be induced too. They did research how the process of forgetting happens. They learnt to reproduct this process, how to trigger, how to specify what to forget they become very sufficient with it. (Who are they? Ohh Yes they are the doctors and psychologist, psychiaters of MK.ULTRA human experimentation worldwide - not only the CIA was interested and not only americans participated).
But these guys made a big mistake. They has a mind set wich was materialistic and they did not concider the wider property of memory, wich they even today want to keep in secret, as the memory does not belong only to the brain.
Memory is a much more complex thing than some neuronchains building up in your brain. It does belong to the brain but not only there. Our muscle has its own memory, wich is basicly connected to the brain also but the muscle has its own memory as the long term hevy load of excercise builds up the muscle and develops it's durability, strength, flexibility, dexterity. These things cannot be manipulated through manipulating only the brain. Of course the feeling of body memories can be manipulated, but these not that easy.
Let's go back to building up false memories. As forgetting happen in nature, false remembering happens naturally too. And so this process can be researched and induced, triggered, and controlled, to some limited extent. The process of remembering is more complex than only brain funtion. Memory builds up of brain function (some neuron chains build up remembering specific memories), body-memory (wich is related to other parts of your body such as muscle), the collective memory of communities, the outside environment's memory traces, and other sub or upper consciousness related individual and collective sourses of remembrance.
This component of the memory process can not be perfectly faked and controlled. There is always some traces of clearly recognizable pettern to artifitially induced memory loss and false memory. False memory much easier to recognize because all the body-memory, and the rest of the memory-compley is missing. Memory is so comlex that it cannot be faked even today perfectly. If you start to work with false memory you will realize that the false memory trace is sort and many things are missing from it.
On the field of intelligence I have personally experienced how these false and real memory traces can be differenciated, however hard it is, it can be done - even if sometimes the individual with memory loss has to use the logical skills to examine the traces.
The phenomena of memory gets more complex if you start thinking about telephaty and mind reading skills. And I have to specify what I mean when I say mind reading. Mind reading can mean: reading consious audio-lenguage related thought process, visual thought process, body feelings (this is the scientificly proved and world-wide denied phonemena of emphaty, when someone can feel the otherone's feelings), audio senses and so on. All of these reading can happen because of the human psyche is connected to each other, this is the phonomena what Bernard Bernay referred as public mind (collective consciuosness) and what Carl. G. Jung called the collective subconsciuosness.
So false memory can be triggered and built up to some extent but cannot be built up same as the natural memory is built up - because of the very nature of memory, as it does not only relates to the brain and not only to the individum's body at all. Luckily no human is able to do that and no human will be.
This phenomena (memory) is not located or tied to only bodyparts such as the brain. This is the luck wich makes impossible to delet memories forever and to controll someones mind for long extent. The pcyche whants to be whole and remember everything and this process together with the first rule of universe: as life lives and want to live - we could prove that the controll wont last forever, it is not part of the natural state of the universe.
We developed a nano-laser technology to help memory eresure which basicly burns out some parts of your brain (it is brutal, but it was neccessery that time). Based on the fact that the remembering process does relate to the brain and some localizable neuron chains build up related to specific memorie, we developed technology to burn out 1, 2 or 3 burning point deleting process related to the level of importance of the memory. We had to limit the size of the burned area of the brain becuse it's literally a demageto your brain. However we could limit the demage even smaller than a long night out drinking, which causes brain damage also as alcohol does the same process to your brain (think of blackouts). We modelled this blackout rocess and learnt to locate the memory traces. If the memory had to be kept away for longer period we used 3 point burn, if it was less important we used hypnotic means (can be quite easily recovered) or 1 point burn.
According to my own recovery of many memories - the above statemants about the outside of body memories are proved. (Other examples of outside of body memory is a photograph, or computer memory. But these are obvious.)