Thursday, 27 March 2014

Roots & Fails

I say just walk off the planet. Gianni's handler was Trezor. He drived him to resist in the same time when he told him to participate. That was luck because it was impossible - and when you got an impossible task your mind becomes highly suggestable. So basicly it was a good help and also nearly made it impossible to get him out. Tresor's handler was Johnny Cash as co-founder of it.
Trezor believed in God as katholic type of brainwashed boy. Johnny naild him on a cross after beating him up and he told him: "You belive in God? This is what you get from God!"
When he was recovered physically Johnny axplained him that the Devil's side is stronger and if he is about to protect his loved ones he has to get on the dark side of the force...
Lots of dejavu...
So after this short memo listen to this clip: