Monday, 22 December 2014

Menthal Amplyfication of Senses

When I worked on developing menthal patterns to become able to sense the unsensable such as sounds outside of the human hearing range (below and above 20hz-20kHz) or being able to sense infra or mikcrowave and so on --- I descovered that in even the most better insulated room against sounds you can still hear noises. Your brain amplifyes something what is available. you start to hear your heartbeat, your nerves, your bloodflow. As I was thinging of how to sense infrared (light) I developed the idea that if I can somhow make a strongenough ifrared light to be sensible some way than I can develop the menthal pattern to amplify any small sense of it and I can also develop some kind of feedback to the brain. And of course I could develop any type of automated reflex also just by self-hypotic methodes.
So we did it. My idea was that everything is connected to and has some kind of effect on each other even if it is not really sensible by any of the "normal" senses by a human. And if there is a sense any little then it can be amplified and than singlalled to the brain.
so when i could pick up the targeted signal type 100% sure than I described the body-sensation (feeling) and then I built up a visual-audio amplification meditation program to get it up to the conscious level even if it was not sensible.
So for instance magnetic field generally cannot be sensed. But very strong magnetic field do cause some type of sansation around my spine (the sensation can be individually different) so I started to know when is the magnetic field on and when it is off. I reached the 100% sure sensation hit and I started to build up the amplification. This was about to play with the feeling of the sensation. I imagined the magnetic field visually as waves floating around me, and as I am this magnetic wave is petting my spine - also I built up the actual sound to support this visualisation. when it was a detailed complete audio visual "mind-movie" than I built it into a self hypnotic program. It used to look alike any computer program: If I sense magnetic field (cubconsciously) then my spine will give me the sense (truely my brain will give to itself the felling of the remembered stronger sensation of magnetic field) of magnetic field. I could even build up visual indicators such as white dot flash in my right eyes right periferia - just like as a radar woud do.
The human brain and body is unbelievable. it can sense basically anything. it can be used as a computer and it is much better and faster than any computer what will be made by any hyper-cyber factory.
This is not just a theory. I did it. I tought this method to those who where interested.
I also developed menthal patterns how to "be on guard" (sense any type of movements in a certain area), hoe to relax, how to get extremely alerted etc. These skills are being used in the best millitary type special forces - at least in those where the guys didn't lie to me... :-) The rest will die in the next few years.