Saturday, 9 November 2013


...Stop calling, stop calling I don't wanna think anymore...
Said Lady Gaga.
The phone is just altering some thoughts. Manipulated. It has no business with being true or hearing what really is in the other's head.
It is selected by some operators what can you hear and what not. And what has to be replaced with fake - but seems real - lies. Lies.
"You can have her." - said somebody on the side. Smile. You are being set up. The main goal of the manipulators is to make you driven by them and use you up to make profit. And they do not care about you. you going to be disposed when time comes.
So just smile. Just do what they want you to do. The price will come do not worry.
These are going down the drain. They lie, they wispering in the darkness of their mind, and they just continously sinking. I cannot do any more here. No open talk. No help. No honesty.
... Also lies about the money. Lies just about everything. School of lies.
You see. They cannot steal everything. There are things what they cannot have. And they cannot fake it even. Beeing tru is one of these things.