Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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you too; chip gave me a battle of water and an oxygen tank before anybody came close. I hide them in the uniform and asked him if he doesn't trust the drinks provided. It was obvious. No I didn't wonder about the oxygen tank, I remembered his experiences of Apollo program where he nearly died because the oxygen supply gone blank for more then 5 minutes (attempt to take his life consciously and well planned).
He didn't trust anybody back then (he was also set up at the test flight of SR15 when he had to emergency land at the lakes - it was a small miracle that he could make that happen to survive it) so he took an oxygen tank secretly hidden inside his personal stuff. So I was not wondering. He asked me to be the pilot to fly him on this mission not because there was a big need for a good pilot but to make sure if there is any problem, than there is someone to act accordingly. He simply just did not trust anybody from the US intelligence services. He was right. He had to find somebody and he was really good in it.
But there was a bit of a problem. Somebody installed an ultrasound targeting device on the wing and I had been targeted. It is not lethal but regarding the circumstances could have been. But I remembered what to do because I developed that stuff too. So we could stay up long enough and finished the mission successfully.
Landing was fine but I was utterly suspicious and I intervened a bit. But probably it would be fine... Anyway there was a bit of manipulation of the landing program from outside or built in somewhere in the program I don't know - but the manipulation was there and there was a bad will to compromise our landing.
After landing I told Chip that this was my last contribution to cia and I am won't help anymore. He asked me what is wrong slowly we started to talk. He was open finally. I told him I am fed up with secrecy all around and this will make even us separated from each other and they make us hate each other. When something happens like this the suspicion is there: who was it, how was it done etc, and the trust is gone.
Finally we figured out that the guy who hang on the wing got the device off and he just chucked it on the ground. He had no more time to care about it. Right after he tried to leave the premises but Chip could catch him. I don't know what happened after.
Anyway i was really fed up with anything related to this shit hole company of secrecy. I hardly enjoy the flight even. i could not gain money, I did not enjoy the flight, I was locked out at the beginning the goal of the mission - so I decided not to go into such action anymore. Even if Chip asks me.
They asked me to go on a mission to Afghanistan. The CIA-MI6-Mossad conglomeratum wanted to give help to the taliban fighters because they where about to give up fighting and this would mean the end of the war and end of their big business of arm dealing, and other experiments and organ dealing etc.
I said ok. I was hoping that I can do something about talibans and that hopeless situation even if I walk into a trap. Of course they tried to set me up there many ways. The main card would be that I helped the taliban and American lives where at stake because of me...
Being there i realized that the very leader was a CIA associate and he got tipped of the moves, he got money and technical, and arm support from them of course through other third parties involved to maintain cover for CIA-MI6-Mossad. So doing this mission they could paint me black. But i went on because I saw some chance to get them understand what is going on and I had some tricks in my mind.
Their cover explanation was that i have to help them a bit to gain back their lost fighting spirit not to give up the fight. Of course this could not have been done without putting lives of us soldiers in lethal danger. But I didn't even care about it - I approached the subject that they have nothing to do there, they are aggressor and basically the afghans just try to protect their land. I didn't care also because I didn't forget the Kosovo war and that the very same community sent the stealth bombers to bomb my hometown Baja (actually they targeted me exactly), just to blame it on the Serbian army and expand the war to have it between serbia-hungary and also make me suffer. I had to give out the secret of the stealth technology that it can be sensed by 1meter long wave radar to have them shot down before they get to the town where i live. But let's continue with the afghan story.
First I had to gain their trust trough providing physical training, shooting, ballistics, discipline, war tactics and then when they got a bit better and after some real visible success they showed me more and introduced me to others and some of their secrets. My main personal goal was to teach them about hypnosis and give them the understanding what is he goal of their enemies, who is the real enemy and how to fight them.
So did I. after physical training I slowly turned toward subliminal audio means. They where already interested. So the first project was a real success. You can see the american checkpoint what they left behind with a lot of fuel and some ammo. That project was about the first subliminal tactical attack on that base. They where flattered. They could manage to gain back that position without killing and firing one shot. (And also the original hypnosis contained to leave the arms behind but Us soldiers are willingly conditioned to take care of their weapons so that conditioning couldn't have been overridden by our subliminal however good it was. This showed them also the boundaries of this method. (I just remembered that i taught them how to shot down the choppers with grenade from treetops.)
I also monitored the taliban community if there is anybody who is willing to understand and is able to see what is going on. I find a few people. It was very hard for them to see their very own leaders to what they really are: bustards who sold their own nation for profit. For these naive Muslims this was something like menthal death: they believed in their holy leaders and then to wake up and to start seeing that those are the most evil bastards who just butcher their friends for money... It was a ,
real shock. You can see that shock in that guys eye at 20:25 in the video below.
This story shows how dirty this so called intelligence community is. They butchered Afghans and also sacrificed their own soldiers to make the war going on longer - but of course they made sure that the Taliban's have no high tech equipment and info to win the fight. The second goal of this community was to have me killed. This meant more actions carried out special forces and involved high tech too. But this effort gained my memories back; when I am attacked with a weaponry what I developed - and there was nothing really what i didn't - I recognised it and also I started to talk about it to the Taliban. This nation has a big fighting spirit so they listened. They started to gain more and more success based on the intel I had given to them. These success angered the Us army and the intel knowing me there and they doubled their effort to get me. I knew all of their tactics, equipment in use so they couldn't get even close to me and I managed to train a small but strong group inside the taliban community which did not respond to the CIA-MI6-Mossad conglomeratum, they where not controlled by them - and because of the continuous attack I shared with them every info regarding the actual attack. What they did and how and WHY! I enev told them that the CIA-MI6-MOssad sent me there to help them. Of course I told them this after they understand many things already.

Typical example how these fucks manage to make long term war supporting both sides and using the compartmentalised intelligence community and brainwashed, unaware, careless, unvigilant soldiers.
And yes they sent special ops group more than ones to get me. They didn't heve the job done. One of these groups provided me with all the fake intel what they got on me with the task to take me out. We where laughing a lot how clever and dirty lies they can create. They took extra care if they got some evidence that I was here and there they included it in the intel with a fake explanation and cover stroy about the why and the what. Other special op groups came and faded away. The Afghans developed quite fast. I managed to have a great deal of people willing to have a real end of that war. But they still did not really believed that their very own leaders are the devil contracted to sell heroin for blood and money. When the small group started to gain more and more success - the CIA-MI6-Mossad intelligence cut the arm supply of the Taliban. They asked me what to do. Without weaponry there is no any chance to win any fight. I told them if they cut the arm supply we have to cut their heroin supply. And so we did. After the fird faild transport the guys upstrairs become very nervous and started to look for someone to negotiate. And they find their new guy. And i stayed for a while more and than I left. But i left some seeds there too. Knowledge, spirit and hope. And love. i loved them. They asked me to stay in their country to have a women. I told them how I feel about my homeland, and they understood.
I can be seen on those movies about the japanese army too I helped there to wake up people (feeding them with technical and tactical developments), also Irak. I suggested to build an other propeller on their fast boat, to solve the problem that the boat reared up too much and to balance that there was a need to have a force pushing down the nose and forward.
I participated in so many armies around the world you cannot imagine.