Tuesday, 7 July 2015

komámasszony kéreti a szerekeret

I will represent an interesting profile. There is a family who say they like to help people. They offer a job and they let you to live in a caravan for free og charge for a month because they like to help other in need. But these guys built up a company wich has multi million pounds turnoverand they have a bonus system for each managaer working on their farms which is based on reducing any costs of production including wages. It results in having some mangaers to cut working hours, not cleaning up properly, and other tricks being applied to make chickens lay more eggs. How does it fit to the profile? It does not. Coincidence? Hardly. The Padleys know who I am. I helped them to build up this empire. Businnes plan, strategy, technology, motivation, policy. Of course they fucked up nearly everthing. And also kept the money for themselfs. What was not ment to happen. And it is going to be corrected. One way or an other.
G. set the mindframe on the way he transported me to location. Now they just try to extend the worry to other farms and to extend the pressure on everyone. There is no willingness to keep it up this way for long on the emloyee side at all and no willingness on the manager side of many. This is the reason why they got into this D. who was a misfit in the program who I let alive but kicked them off together with Ge and Dar. Who is driving them? The lead is coming from top. The brothers are doing the heat.
Now Who is driving them? Are they doing it themselfs or being hooked by someone else?
"Who do you take in charge to handle your money than somebody who likes money?"
"You just have to make sure you have a hold of them and they will do what you want them to do. Otherwise you can let them enjoy the rest of it."
So who is it? Chip-chip choaka...
My old enemy.
"De segítettem..." Nem komám nem segítettél. És nemsokára megkapod a számlát is. a mossados haverjaiddal együtt... :-D Persze semmi személyes, csak az a pénz nem arra lett szánva amire te használod. - Na jó mégis segítettél. Mert részt vettél abban hogy kialakítsuk azt a bizonyos mentális plug-in-t ami lehetővé tette a védekezést. Ami mindig informált engem, minket hogy mi jön. Hogy mi történik és mit terveznek. A francba annyit szarakodtál velem, hogy nehéz elrugaszkodni és látni a teljes képet. Le kéne ülnünk megint mint régen és végignézni a dolgokat. Akkor lehetne látni az összképet. De egyébként majd kiderül végülis ez az egész nem egy személyes ügy, azaz dehogynem - végül is ez az én személyes vendettám is, mindazonáltal hogy nem csak az én ügyem.
Baszátok meg. Bazd meg Chip. Bassza meg mindenki. :-D