Saturday, 16 November 2013


Hahaha. Fake world, fake woman, fake man, fakealia. Mennyire faraszto ez...
Igaza volt. Ugyanezt kellett volna nekem is tennem. "Inditottam vulkant, csinaltam foldrengest, oltem, szerettem, repultem, kiprobaltam minden jot, rosszat - mar csak egy dolog van amire kivancsi vagyok: a halal." "En nem is tudnek ott elni, az a tudatallapot mar nem nekem valo, nem akarom vallalni azt a kinlodast."
Es elment. Elvitt magaval meg harom ellenfelet is. Segitett. Nem akart visszajonni ide. Igaza volt. El kell ismernem. En sem akartam visszajonni. A teton hagyott emlekezteto is egy gunyos, fajdalmas valami. "Na, amikor legkozelebb erre jossz majd egy kis nyekergo, gatlasos, faszvero leszel."
Jatszottunk a pszichologiai profilokkal - evekbe telt mire talaltak egy kozelitoen hasonlo profilt. Kicsit gyorsabbak voltak mint szamitottam. Ujra visszadobtak. Tervezetten ment minden. Kiveve a szart ami ugy omlott es omlik a nyakamba mint az ozonviz.
India spent it's money on the phone. Telepathic communication system a'la Mars.
Megis itt vagyok. Csak azert amiert belementem ebbe az egeszbe: azok miatt akik szamitottak ram es akikre en is szamithattam, akik megtettek amit meg tudtak tenni.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

projects of mine

36 boys - germany - turkish youngsters on the streets. they leared how to use outside of body reminders and they could manage to remember most of the things what we worked out and I shared with them about power and use and abuse of it. The outcome speaks for itself. They have done a great job and I am glad to be the one who helped them.
Also in the UK somwhere the project with street kids.
"Well you have to start with those who really what to do something. If it is the police you have to involve them. If others you have to look for them. The main thing is that you need real, honest people with real interest. The best personalities will be of those who were involved personally and could manage to get out living on the street, ex-junkies, and also others who grown up in disfunctional families but managed to break the rules of the parents. You have to look for people who already have the knowledge of how to break your own "programming". You have to look for personality changes to the better."
"Ok we have the police in one area to participate."
"Good. Now you need to start it from the level of the street. It wont work if you start it from leadership level. It has to be started from street workers."
"We want to keep that image of the police. They cannot be partners of the kids. Cause they need to survive o the street." - "Yes, right. You can separete the two stage. The participants from the side of the police can keep up the rigorous and though image by just collecting the kids and pasing them over to an other branch - build up with passionate helpers and provided an phisical area where they are safee, they can be involved in activities 24 hours etc." The most important thing that it has to be started by enthusiastic ones and those have to be eble to differentiate. And you will need others for get them involved in danceing, skateing, freerun etc. Later you need to work out the next generation - and you can do that from the success stories..."

Saturday, 9 November 2013


...Stop calling, stop calling I don't wanna think anymore...
Said Lady Gaga.
The phone is just altering some thoughts. Manipulated. It has no business with being true or hearing what really is in the other's head.
It is selected by some operators what can you hear and what not. And what has to be replaced with fake - but seems real - lies. Lies.
"You can have her." - said somebody on the side. Smile. You are being set up. The main goal of the manipulators is to make you driven by them and use you up to make profit. And they do not care about you. you going to be disposed when time comes.
So just smile. Just do what they want you to do. The price will come do not worry.
These are going down the drain. They lie, they wispering in the darkness of their mind, and they just continously sinking. I cannot do any more here. No open talk. No help. No honesty.
... Also lies about the money. Lies just about everything. School of lies.
You see. They cannot steal everything. There are things what they cannot have. And they cannot fake it even. Beeing tru is one of these things.