Monday, 17 November 2014

Once more and last

I tell you again: I did get the truth out of these fucks. How I did that? I called the best of the best toghether and asked simple questions. Whever told me lies I gave 3 chances to correct if not after the 3rd I killed them. There where few dead. The rest of them understanded the rules. I told them what to expect. I told them that if they lie or I will believe that they lie: they die after the 3rd missed chance.
To do this you will have to do the same and you will have to have skills what I have. To know what kind of skills I have you would need to know to know what to look for and would need to have knowledge of the skillsets. this is something what cannot be tought. If you cannot do that - than you should trust what I collected for those guys. Good luck if not.

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