Sunday, 10 August 2014

Transport, Somehow they have to move the "products" isn't it?

How do you hide for example 10 billion dollars of drug, prostitution, child and human trafficing?
It is a huge amount of money wich cannot be transferred unnoticed.
So how many businneses and families do you need to move the money around?
And now look around in the city where you live. Count the businnesses which are there and there are not much of traffic going in and out of the shop.
So can you see the point? Yes there are tousends of small and medium and big businneses which are there only because they are part of this hidden dirty money-loundering network.
Now think!
How do you transport the "products"?
Well you1ll need a very efficient transportaion network with willing to do anything soldiers.
And now think of all existing transportation networks. Think of coffeshops, multinational businneses with transportation network and all of those families who participate in these.
And now think of it why the top managers gain so unrealistic salaries!
And now open your eyes and see.
Yes they are the ones who do it.
Children trafficing, drug trade, weapon trade, killings, sex orgys, sadism, blood and tousends of trick to make you believe: they are the holy "emloyers" of you and they give you the daily bread...
Now think again.

MH, Mahavishnu, Mao as a hundred years old Buddhist Monk, ...
"Do you really still think that this kind of power has anything to do with your muscles?"
Thanks old farts... nice movie.
Good to see you again as you stood around the bad in the hospital... :-)

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