Sunday, 10 August 2014


"Ok. Now I am going to show you something. I recorded some audios about each of your private life and I want you to listen to them."
"Ahhh. Wait a minute. Are you about to expose our private covers? I spent years to build up my civil cover what is so important to just fuck all the years of work?"
"You will understand when you listen to the tapes. I wanted to have documented what is your reaction when in that state of mind, when you don't remember what we started, so I wanted to record what you say when somebody approche you with the very same problems what we are fighting against. It is going to be very interesting and important experience to get through."
So we listened to the records.
"What? Yes I am a baker in my civil life. I mean in my civil cover. It is important to bake bread... And I like good breads."
"So all of us give the usual swerve answheres and all of us just did not care."
After a little bit of nervous laughter on our failure the silence of facing these facts was deep anddevastating. Everybody in the room understand what this means. Sombody just had to form the sentences to make it expressed through language.
"But Peter this means that we cannot count on anybody to help us. People in the "normal" state of mind don't want to be involved even we didn't and we are the most comitted we already risked our lives many times and we could always get back to the right track. If we give these respondes we cannot expect anybody to do anything..."
"Wich means our cause is doomed to fail."
The quiet was more deeper and fulminatory. Many many years of work blood, killing and losses of friends, continous risktaking for nothing, for a cause wich cannot be completed without the help of the rest of the society, wich is ignorant and it's normal state of mind is to not care of these difficult to understand problems of mind controll, and highly advanced manipulation of the human mind. And we did not wanted to think of it in our everyday state of mind also because it is not somthing what a healthy mind wants to get into. it is insane and hard. It brings up hard feeling what we also try to avoid in our life as a normal state of mind.
But the main problem had to be adressed because if we don't do something than the world on this planet would become something what nobady could imagine. Living hell of the worst. And we did not wanted that happen.
"Well until we let them get away."
"What do you mean Peter?"
"I mean that if we want them to change we have to force them to change. I mean that I don't want to live in that world what these fucken assholes planned with their totally controlled society idea. And if I have the power to force them I want and I will to force them to act or die. And I recommend you to do the same. Build independent treaths wich can cause horribile damege in the planet causing deaths and suffering everywhere. We build up a system of dangers and to avoid the worst things to happen they will have to share the informations and wake up the others themselfs. By this we force them to get through the experience what we had to get through when nobady wanted to listen to us, and they will understand psyhologically the problems comeing with the situations. And also they will have to involve more and more conscious people to understand and to act rightfully. Of course they all will try to abuse the knowledge to gains wealth on the account of the others and the planet. So we have to build our terorrs very efficiently. We have to cut with presicion."
"But if we build these lines independently than we are going to be fucked also."
"Yes. And we had to be forced to act rightfully too..."
"You think I don't know some of you just playing along waiting for the moment when he-she can take over and rule the whole planet? Since the beginning these fucks are here and try to fuck everything up what I do. I got used to it, and I got the grandmasterplan which cannot be stopped by anybody. This is it. You going to make it. And if you think this is the only forum where I did this talk... think again. I set up other think tanks and team all around the globe. Id you fail for any reason, they wont. I learned a lot from the Old Man. I know all the dirty trick how to "motivate" unwilling fucks..."

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