Thursday, 8 October 2015

Star Trek and masking

Yeah. Star trek was the first scene to develop masks, full body masks. And then all other movies of become a forum of masking develpments too. And than it bacome a habit to invent actor charakters who where not real personalities only a made up figures like Telly Savalas (blond curly hair), and all the others, and also the idea conquered the area og syping and then manipulation thrugh inventing characters on the field of military diretorate, polititics, company directorate, so on. These character had a big advantage of being changeble. The personality had been written and all people with boosted brain could fit in if they could fit into the bodyform and shape. So therefore if sombody killed them there was already somebody else trained to take his-her place and from the outside it seemed like they cannot be killed and they survive everything. But as everything this tactic has advantages and disadvantages too. Some positions requier advanced skills what you cannot invent into an other person even in boosted state of mind. So you need to replace the oroginal lost person with a team of analist but a team will never be that suffuicient as one person with all the skills. And also the more person is involved the more communication is needed, and the system becomes more vulerable toward mistakes, visibility, distraction, manipulation, the processing speed slows down etc. The bigger the team you have more surface to get cought and to be misdirected.
But with open and clear communication, concrete based determination of team members this methode can be even more efficient as any kind of highly skilled person. But cannot be faster.
It will be always slower. But the chance of making a mistake will be reduced.
So there are advantages and disadvantages of it.
If you run a system where there is no need of being invisible the bigger teams can be very good help.

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