Saturday, 12 July 2014

bank & psyop

"What is your plan?"
"Well we going to do the usual staff: get a family member and send it back bits by bits to him until he breaks and become willing to do what we want him to do. Lover, wife, children, friend whatever..."
"I have an other idea. Please let me to do this."
"We have no time to try new thing now. We are on a budget and time is not cheap. I want to save my share."
"Ok. What id I will promise you it is going to be more qucker and nobady will be put in harms way?"
 "Oke kid give it a go, but I give you two weeks no more."
...So we started. I selected the team members. They had to come no choice. But they liked my approche very much. It was new in the circus that somebody is not taking human as once usable tool or asset as the pro slang would say.
After a while we got a very detailed psy profile of the target. He was really proud of his development of bank comuting and security programs. He thought that it is unhackable.
"Ok. We will attack him theough this. We will hack in and make his money disappear. That is going to do the job he will brak immediately and do what we want him to do."
"Do you mean we are going to break into the banks terminal? That is going to be a very hard one." - he asked a bit of curious interest in his eye.
"Well if we have time to do it... Do you want it? How much time we have?"
"Well all toghether we have 3 more weeks if I want to save our share, but it started to become interesting to me."
We got the experts toghether. Evaluating the security system what the target person developed we estimated it would be too long time to break in. Instead...
"We do not have to break into the system it is enough if we make him believe that his money really disappeared from his account. And to do that the most easiest way is to manipulate the monitor what he sees. And for safety we need to manipulate all the bankautomats monitors around accessible distance if he want to double check."
On the day wen it happened. He was in shock.
We just called him and told him what he has to do to get his money back.
There was 1 minute or less time after our call. he made the other call.
In the next minute his monitor was restored and he saw his money on the account.
We set in the back of the van in the mobile studio-action center...
After he made the call:
"You see... Action done. nobady was put in harms way, no blood, no torture, and on top no one noticed that anything happened. Nobady knows we ever have been here and anybody forced him to make that call. And we finished in two weeks."
"Well kid, this performance was fascinating. What if i would want to hack an account with this kind of protection?"
"Well that is a different task. I would take a different approche. But I think there is no absolute security. And this is because there are humans who set the security and the more human is involved the more possibilities we have to manipulate them. They make mistakes or we can force them to make mistakes. And also if we have time and experts we can find technical way also to get in. I whink there are many different ways to make that happen."
Banks do have servers with saved data on different continents... Why? Guess...

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