Saturday, 20 October 2012

In memoriam Byrd and Ted

I mean Ted Gunderson.
We needed to trick a little bit at the beginning. In Brice Taylor's case Ted sent the mans in suit to trick the psychologist to believe the stroy - because otherwise they get away with it. And noone would help her to recover and noone would believe her. There was a team set up to do this later. To make the unvisible to become visible, clear and present - because it is really hard to give credit to these really unheard but bloody true stories.
Byrd helped to realese Cathy and Mark too. We had to prepare Mark also. We told him, that only the pet's did give some real love to Cathy and her doughter so he has to make sure to get the pets on the run also. We had to trick Mark also that's why we sent someone to play the bad guy and follow them. At that time noone was looking after them because of the well planned timing. they thought that they are disposed already. 
Also in the same time the team set up to this task was learning how to act fast, and it was real positive action also.
This doesn't mean that their experiences are fake! They are absolutelly not fake. They are very-very real.
1988 was a Good Year!
"Try to wake up as many of them as meny you can. Some of them is going to die. Try to learn from every case. Analyse your own errors. A nd correct them! Learn. You will become faster and faster and also better if you do thsi way. Sicne you are using this technology you have better chance to win them, but do not forget some of them is so deeply down already that cannot be cured. These cases mean of those who are conscious about what is going on. They going to be the hardest ones. In many cases you will have to kill them, and you have to do it!"
How it strated?
Well there was an analysis of his: "I see these guys are just a banch of very inteligent and tortured bodies from the childhood. Some of them from before birth. And as time goes on - they become more and more brutal through the next generations."
That ind of analysis will always easy to understand and it is not long to make you tired. That's how he works. That's how I work also. He is dead.
And I have to admit: George did help also. Now he needs our help. "You are what you read..."
Robert Richard Hieronimus was one of those who did write on the subject of illuminaty, freemasons and the founding fathers of Americka. He was a big friend of the Bush family. His mistaken knowledge mislead many of those who he talkt to about the simbolism of amerian suffs. And he did aknoledge his mistaken book! (The Great Seal of America and U.S. Symbolism)
The illuminaty means nothing but people who are enlightened - spiritually awaken. And the big eye on the top of the piramid is nothing else then God!
All the developments of guns and thechnics are leading toward an exit for the human race: The only one which is axeptable. Down on the road as with your help, and with only all of your help, man will be that he was born to be: free and independent.

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