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Extracts From The Life of An Ex Sub'agent - novel of David Webb

Ok. So what is really going on?
I have some understanding. But it seems we have a big live and death puzzle to solve.
The situation is like if we can solve it - we will have future - otherwise the humanity will disappear from Earth (and also the human race with it, even if some of these strategiests think that there can be human-like society without humanity in a well planned matrix system which is based on total control).
"I have been asked about natural phenomenons. They explained the phenomena and asked me always how can we use this as a weapon?"

7/7? Seems like system testing. A bombing in focus - for outsiders - but the reaction of all the services in focus for the system maintainers. Reactions of police, millitary, news, politicians, secret services - all areas of power. Also there are several layers of the event. Well planned the story side on the public. Event - (media) directed reaction - businness and psychological benefits (terror: war based on terror, trauma based mind controll, fear drive). How does an insider reagate when recognizes that the bombing could not been done by the help of his emlpoyer agency or the peak of the power of his country? Who is going to step against and who is going to stay actless, and who is going to jump in the bloodbath of power and greed? Who can understand the technical part of it?
Lets see an example:
Hatchinson effect.
This have found something. He could lift up things creating antigravitation field (or somthing like that). How can this be a weapon? It is too easy. Let see an other.
Uri Geller could bend spoons. It is a fact. (I don't know if he still can:-) If he can I would like to have one:-)
How can this be a weapon? It is easy again.
The process is simple: study the phenomena. There must be a natural explanation of it. Be opneminded. Never say it is impossible or it is against all described laws of nature. Find other explanations.
Ok let see mind reading. Uri can do that too. He was researched, studied, assessed. The phenomena is explained and kept secret. I guess the scientist are dead by now or totally brainwashed or still asshole with nobel peace prize. So how can it become a weapon? Let see life situations where the human choosed to kill himself or herself. Let's look at the inside content of him/her and analise it. Where are the borders when someone say 'I had enough. I am out.' and than give it up. This process is mapped. There are drives which can lead the target to kill itself. There are computer programs to lead the targets on this way. This is the outcome of the road to turn the natural process of mind reading into a satellit weapon system.
Who are organising this?
There are naturally developed and trained people who have exceptional forms of power. There are a banch of people (very smart) who studied all not everyday power forms. Shamans, mind reading, yogies, clairvoyance... and so on. Everything what was different or showed over the everyday life consciousness.
these guys did this with the intent of gaining these powers to themselfs and Rule The World.
Many of them has become very powerful.
But they never are the only one on ground. There are always and there will be always others with same spiritual powers but grounded on human and universal values.
That's a problem to solve for them. So they started to develop a program to select and slowly kill of those with the "eye of the Oraculum". All of those who saw more that just food, jobs, money - who knew about the real purpose of human existence. They had to develop several technics to do that on a way which is covered and not too bloody to call any attention of the others. So they developed psychiatry, drug industry, drog industry, junk food industry, high stress leveled areas to live in, high stress leveled job roles, bully technics and methodes, stalking methodes, phsisical harrasment, and local wars.
All of these developed methodes and technical tools made to be sold on the black or even on white markets. All weapons are made to be goods on the market. It has to go out to the market - as they think all the time. This is the reason why supermarkets could get some insight to weapon grade hypnosis and the unsonsious or subconsious direction pf people. To rise the income.
On the other hand there are other participants on this feild.
There are others who see possibilities in these developments to reach a New World (Order) where there is a consious harmony with nature and human race lives that way without the need to act out bad or undisired actions like war or killing, hurting. They believe that it is possible. Some of them enjoyed the other side (dark side) just to become to see: there is a real reason why is killing must be the last when you have no other choice. becuase killing has an effect on your own psyche. It back fires. Uri knows it. This is the reason why he had to learn magic trics...
And they woke up to understand their own real or true needs as humans. They are very strong. They can kill but they don't only if it is a must. But there are others also. Lower level guys on the ower grid. They make of 9/11, 7/7, and the lone crazy killer.
Very hard to make difference who is who.
But there is help. My feelings, my body, my mind, the outside facts, the intuition, and there is outside help. If these are in harmony - I am on the way where I want to be.
So if you ask me what is going on - I can only aswhere: I don't know. There are others who knows much more than me, but they are organisers.
There is a reading of this story: There are a bunch of guys, who decided to lift up the consiousness of human race. But the only way is now to do that - if they make up a situation where there is no other choise of them because of the total destruction of this planet. And they will do it if it does not happen.
These guys gave up every moral boundary to do the job. They will torture, kill, mass murder, make war, posison water, make earthquakes, cunamies, and so on - to solve this goal or to destroy it. The story nowadays become a bit more faster. As there are guys with power without understanding and with personality based on wrong destructive drives. And there are indrutries built on the same destructive bases - like oil industry.
There are spiritual fingerprints of these people.
Some people have long running effects on human society or even on the land where they lived and created (or distroyed). These spiritual fingerprints can be followed back in history. These spiritual fingerprints have scientific explanations. They based on the power of unconsciousness and above (or below). And this makes the time travel possible. Time travel means real travel in memories of humanity, places and so on.
The free masons knew about this power. Secret societies knew about this power.
So it is  very difficult to say anything about what is happening. Seems we are having an interesting time where are guys with exceptional spiritual, and technical power and wants to rule the world - and seem there are consious and clear minded, brave hearted other with growing spiritual power and understanding.
It seems that there is a real matrix, where people like Breivik, can be lead to go against they own real desires and can be made to do things against their will. All people below a level of consiousness can be killed or made to kill others by weapon grande manipulation of the human mind (by hypnosis or simple directed listening). There need to be a technical team and a spiritual team working together in this last fight - last world war of human race.
I want to live in a world where there is harmony. I want to reach this target. But there is no chance if the tools to reach this target are dirty. The way as you make cookie - makes a message to the one who will eat it. And that world based on the way of killing, lieing, deseption, murder, war - there is no chance to bring up, to nurture a loving and peaceful world. those who want to go that way are just adult children stuck at some level of their personal development.
The question is very old and famous:
To Be or Not To Be?
Ohh yes?
I guess it is made through natural ways, via satellit, and ground based telecommunicatio devices. And the program is changing all the time. And the progrram can be changed by all who reach the level of 33rd degree;-)
Yes. I have recovered some other memories since I wrote these lines. And there are many things what is diffrent. i think killing is acceptable you just have to be conscious where is the point of no return where your own psyche breaks. If you stay in the "task" mode for too long, if you already do not care who is the target. There are marks of inresponsible actions.
And also it seems the members of the circus didn't change at all. So they have to go.

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