Tuesday, 27 May 2014

reasons, turmoil, lost memories

- "Ok. Let's look over what the hell did you do until now. What did you achieve of our goals? Who did you support? Nothing and No one! Tell me one reason to leave you alive! What you did is just filling up your pocket. you bought your luxury car and yacht. That's what you care about only!"

Long, embittered silence.

- "I don't know any."

The answere was short and honest. Somthing was not right but non of us knew what is missing from the picture. I started to hit and break in fury the furnitures aorund. He was just sitting and strongly concentrating on the reasons trying to find one reason to stay alive. When I stopped he continued:

- "I dont know why would you leave me alive. There is no reason. But I am ready to die anyway I suffered enough."

Silence. I knew... I felt something is not right. I knew I am not right.

- "Probobly we are going trough the very same thing what we gone trough with my family at home."
- "What hapened?"
- "Some times some of us woke up before time and started to remember before should. And it caused these kind of misunderstandings, hatret and pain. All of us knew that waking up from hiposis is very important but after time we started to use it and also we tried to wake up. sometimes others tried to wake us up, to get the next step or to figure out what we are about to do and get us stopped. Sometimes they tried to help by waking us up. So it was a big turmoil. Many pain, many death and blood unnessesary. It is still painful. Finally we reached a state when I could only give the advice to do your best in everything what you do, and try to stay human. Nobody could follow up with the speed what we dictated on the top but they always asked me for advice. And also our enemies tried to mix us up."
- "It is possible that you have your job to do but you do not remember what it is, because it is not time, and I dont remember what it is becuase it is not time to make it obvious."
I am sorry. I know now what was your job. to get to the top and wake them up. To get them understand what we do on that level of wealth. To recruit. To save whoever we can from that part of the society. And to make a support base in those pisotions for later.